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Seraph, The Goblin Princess, meets Storm, Queen Matron of House Plantasiax.

Datum: Fri 30 July 1999
Door: Amanda Sefton
Dit Verhaal gaat over: Goblin Princess vs Queen Matron

Scurrying out of my tent I knew I had forgotten something, it was the last day of this years Summoning on the vortex and I had achieved everything planned even the negotations with Magnaziel went well and I was accepted by the Matron Mother of house Plantasiax in the Federation, oh it's sure fun to see all those male drow scurrying after you to protect you *smirk*, but still I had forgotten something... but what?

Better go home now first and settle a bit, all in all the past few days were beginning to take its toll. So I quickly teleported to the entrance of the throne room, *at least my father will know I'm back again then, it doesn't matter how old I am, he's still being in the..*

The party is on it's top now, Jareth is at least back, David Bowie is no longer being chased (or even seen) and Jezebel has finally managed to get herself (?) clean again, allthough she certainly doesn't look all to bright anymore, when suddenly the doors to the throne-room fling open and a young looking Fae-woman is standing in a long, simple, red/brown gown, sword to the side, a large, green cloack hanging over her shoulders and long, light blond hair falling over her waist and a pair of blue sparkling eyes blazing with anger and confusion take in the room in a splitsecond, a remarkable resemblance there is between her and the Goblin King. A loud, high, serene voice thunders through the throne room and the rest of the castle, making all heads turn to the entrance.

"What in the Underground is going on here, what with all this recket"

"Seraph, how nice of you to drop by, I must, say perfect timing, as usual, maybe I could persuade you to put on something more.. suitable, after all, it is my birthday party."

A bit reddened the I wave with my hand and my clothes instantly change into a long, green, medieval gown, hair perfectly done and enhanced with glitter and bordeaux red stones, the black cat I was holding leaps onto the ground and joins up with Jezebel. My face softens a bit.

"Of course, that was what I was forgotten, your birthdayparty"

I walk towards Jareth and kiss him three times on the cheeks.

"Happy birthday father, luckily I didn't come back empty handed"

With those words said a dark red rose comes out of nowhere and with that a small cask of old peachwine and an extra bottle containing a golden coloured fluid (yes, a lovely mix between honey and beer). "There you are, just don't open it all on one evening *grin*."

As a lot of attention is still focused on this reunion, accompanied with quite some confused glances, Jareth reddens a bit, but then in a loud voice, with a bit of pride in, he starts giving a bit of an explanation.

"Ahum, yes well, may I all of you introduce you to Seraph, my daughter and heir to the throne"

Not that the confused looks dissapear, most get even worse and the whole room turns into a fast whirlpool of gossip in seconds. Meanwhile J is giving a concerned look at the black cat now playing with Jezebel.

"Don't tell me you started on those horrid creatures as well... one is already more then enough...."

"Well now, what's this, I though you liked pets, besides Azazel isn't being any trouble and look how sweet he playes with Jezebel, now isn't that sweet..."

Voices trail off and the party is on again, listians and non-listians gossiping around and cooing over cats, peachwine flowing richely and a tipsy Goblin King walking around. Slowly the evening makes place for the night and the castle and surroundings filled with laughter and merry making.


"Yes? What is it?"

"Well, I was wondering, some time ago I had that message, you know, from the Federation Matalics and uhm, I know you wanted to take a break and get out of the Underground for a while and uhm, well, they are going to a place called the vortex in about 2 weeks or so and they asked for a representative from here. Of course I could go, but I'm quite buisy and I know you are longing for a vacation, just to get away from here and besides you already know some of them..."

"And you are a bit scared from the Matron Mother and rather annoy those listians of yours, I got the message. Lucky for you I indeed want to get out of here, but I want something in return, know that."

"Whatever you wish darling."

"I want you to aprove a traiddeal, I know how much you hate merchants, but I don't care, there should be at least one merchant able to get here..."

"But, but, but honey, you know what happens when merchants arrive..."

"Not this one, I've been in contact with Poke for quite some time now and besides, he's a goblin, so the others won't bother him that much."

"A, a goblin?"

"Stop smirking you fool, he's rather clever, but maybe that's also because he's a blue one and I'm sure that when he's here with his merchandise you will even think he'll be quite practical."

"Well, I first want to meet him before I aprove, okay? I promise I will give him fair treatment then."

"*sigh* That you should do then... for now, but if you could please excuse, I'll contact the Matron then that you were to much of chicken *snicker*."

And before Jareth could say anything more I had already stormed out of the room, happy that I could leave this place for a while, that expression of his when I said that last sentence, marvelous, but I must admit, the Matron has something over herself that is kinda frightening to people who don't know her. I quickly conjured up a crystal and teleported myself to the Underdark, this was going to be fun.

I teleported myself to the entrance of the city, so I wouldn't upset the guards to much, but foremost I could enjoy the beautifull. All those beautifull houses and the beautifull sculptures made in the enormous walls at the undergound caverns, whatever those surface-elves say about the Drow, Drow art is beautifull.

I trotted over the main road towards the area occupied by house Plantasiax, everything was dimly lit by the small purple fairy fires, beautifully illuminating and highlighting the architectures. I had only been here once before, but from the first glance I got I already loved it. The only disadvantage from the underdark is that it weakens my powers, the radiation there changes the patterns of the magical energies flowing around and I haven't gotten the time yet to properly adapt.

As I closed in on the premises of House Plantasiax, Reim had already come out to meet and welcome me. His hooves making soft tapping sounds on the stone floor of the cavern. He gave me a big hug and kissed me on the cheeks.

It's good to see you again beauty, we've missed you around here you know, now where are those goblins it has been a lot quieter since your last visit, I believe we actually started to miss those little green monsters.

No goblins for now I'm afraid, I'm having a bit of a headache the last few days so I decided it'd be best not to bring them with me this time, but they will be present at the Summoning. I have already heard some stories about it, but what is it exactly.

We chittered on the rest of the way about nothing and everything and I felt home again right away. For the information, Reim is a faun (aka a satyr) and not just a faun, he's the nicest faun I have ever met, also the only one, but that doesn't count right now. Besides having fun and making fun of people, he is also the Matrons Patron, a respected member of the federation, a great swordsman and a great friend.

I entered the beautifull hall and was lead to the Matrons room where a warm welcome awaited me, I hugged her and gave her three kisses on the cheeks, after a quick nod to her son, Blinkin Sephiroth Blackblade, usually just blinkin and the guards we started talking.

"It's good to see you again, any minute longer in that castle and I would have died of boredom."

"But you just had a new Fool if I'm not mistaken."

"And a bad choice he is, the only reason he is my fool is because I couldn't get it over my heart to let him rot away in an oubliette, but I'm already beginning to regret."

"How's your father doing, still doesn't dare to meet my gaze?"

"Under no circumstances *grin*."

"Please sit down, make yourself comfortable, we still have a lot to discuss and their will be a meeting this evening."

I sat down and one of the servants brought me something to drink and to eat, we chittered on the rest of the day and I was introduced to several people I had not met in my previous visit. It was a lovely afternoon *sigh* .

As the evening grew nearer, other guests started to arrive, there were beast (a crossbreed between a something and a Drow) and his mistress, a new, rather quiet priestess and a new Drow-male who I hadn't seen before, rather devoted he was and later I heard he was the Houses... uhm, lets just say he is mostly a present to other female drow, for entertainment.

I had already heard a bit about the Vortex and the Summoning that afternoon, but now it got described to me in greater detail.

The Vortex is a world with gateways to all other worlds, every momemt new ones can open up and old ones close, the Vortex is surrounded by the Void, nothingness, if anything or anyone gets into the it ceases to excist as I said, the Void is nothing.

Every moment at every time at every day the Void can absorb parts of the Vortex and it is completely unreliable, the past few years the Vortex has been slinking, parts ripped away and made into nothingness by the Void and with this ground also portals to other worlds vanished, people becoming stuck on either side of the portal, not able to return or go to the world the portal is linked to or the Vortex, therefor, every year there is the Summoning a great gathering of all sorts of beings, not only there to trade, to feast, make new contacts or renew old ones, but also to protect the Vortex itself, because every year at the end of the Summoning the Elemental Princes are called upon, they are the only beings who can protect or sometimes even restore parts of the Vortex by giving the land their energies, great rituals are needed to summon these powerfull princes and everyone is expected to do its utmost best, because if the rituals fail, the existance of the Vortex is in great danger and the Vortex is, as you already know, of great importance, especially to the Federation Matalics, who try to unite all different races for survival.

I represented, guess what, the Goblins.

The meeting began and I was introduced to several new faces, the majority Drow, seated close to the Matron, I felt strangely at home, finding rest and relaxation in the strange surroundings and sometimes heated discussions. We spoke about what we wanted to achieve personally, but foremost, what we wanted to achieve as a federation. One of the most important things was to make sure that the Faction Leviathan, which we were in, would not win the End-battle. It sounded a bit strange at first, but was quite logical after I heard the greatest reason for this, but before I relate this to you, I shall first tell you something more about the organization within the Vortex, because rules, regulations and organisations were certainly needed in a place that important and with that much people/beings.

The main organisation is done by the navigators, they make rules and laws and make sure everything is going the right way, these navigators are chosen by the five factions present, every faction delivers one navigator, one of those navigators becomes the head-navigator, which one is decided in the End-battle at the last day of the Summoning. The factions represent the elements, at that momemt, there where the factions:

  • Phoenix, the passion of the fire, mainly excisting of Celts and Vikings, which usually meant drinking and snocking (fighting).

  • Gargoyle, the steadieness of the earth, a bit military and quite structured, but never the less very cosy.

  • Ent, the balance of the wise old trees, the faction of wood and balance, but a bit of an illusion, great promises, but mostly no acts.

  • Leviathan, the neverending flow of water, wisdom and intuition is what this faction stands for, allthough it might be a bit better organized.

  • Pegasus, the freedom of the wind, mainly meaning the place where you go when none of the other factions seem to fit you, a place for tradesmen and mercenaries and also the smallest.

    Now you know a bit more, the reason why we didn't want Leviathan to come out of the battle victorious is because our Navigator isn't fit for the position of head-navigator, she already wasn't for the position of navigator, so certainly not that high a position, you see, she isn't allways all to bright and allways seems to get herself into trouble and we had also heard the rumour that there was a new regulation for the head-navigators, once a head-navigator, you could stay head-navigator for as long as you wanted or untill you got killed (the most surely of the two I'm afraid) and we certainly didn't want that to happen.

    Another point was to make an allegiance with Phoenix and a possible transfer, for we wanted to get out of Leviathan, we were to much ignored while we presented half of the faction. Ent was out of the question for several reasons, but that's another point for later, Gargoyle was to structured and above that, we had problems with one group within Gargoyle and finally Pegasus, well, who wants to be in Pegasus, not if you wanted some political influence.

    Then a small celebration, House Darkshade, a rivaling Drow-house, was history, no more danger from them.

    Quite some other points passed the agenda and the evening slowly became night and still we weren't done, finally we decided it would be best to get on the next day and have some rest now. I was showed my room and allmost immediately lay dead on a lovely made bed, not that I had much eye for that that evening, but I still remembered from my last visit.

    The next morning I was woken early, we still had a lot to discuss and the Summoning was soon very soon, I passed half of my morning-ritual and ate my breakfast at incredible speed, the rest of the day passed slowly, discussing and plotting, during the evening most guests left and the remaining ones sought out their beds quickly, only a few more days and then the Summoning would be there already, so much still to arrange. I snuggled in quickly, clearing my mind of all that had past, it had been another buisy day, also a cosy one, but still, J owed me big time.

    Seraph, the Goblin Princess

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