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The history of Seraph, the Goblin Princess

Datum: Thu 21 October 1999
Door: Amanda Sefton
Dit Verhaal gaat over: Goblin Princess

Herein is written the history of Seraph, the Goblin Princess, daughter to Jareth, the Goblin King, ruler of the Underground and Dreyanna of Nymphwood.

About 134 years ago my father met my mother in a trip to Nymphwood, he was there to collect a young Fae-child who had been wished away by his older sister. Dreyanna was close-by gathering flowers when she heard the voice of the stranger speak to the young children, hurrying to the clearing she saw him stand there, knowing right away what had happened. As she came through the bushes she begged him not to take the child away and to forgive the foolishness of the child's sister offering in return to take her with him in exchange for the child. Stricken by her beauty Jareth accepted the offer of the young Nymph maiden, taking her back to his home, The Castle Beyond The Goblin City in the midst of the enormous Labyrinth.

The days passed and Dreyanna was very distant to the world around her, missing her friends and the woods that had allways comforted her, feeling very lonely and sad a nagging emptiness slowly took over her heart. Jareth, being not as blind to emotions as his own father had been saw the young woman languishing in her room in the castle, she was so beautifull and had been so pasionate when he had first met her, but that inner glow allmost seemed to have dissapeared in these past few days, could she not see the beauty of the Labyrinth and all its surroundings?

Not being able to stand the situation any longer he took her outside on a sunny day, leading her to a clearing in the forest outside the Labyrinth, a white linnen sheet was spread out on the soft moss covered with all kinds of food and drinks, in the distance could be heard the clattering of a small waterfall, birds singing in the trees and a young hind jumping away when the pair entered the clearing. Raptured by the beauty surrounding her Dreyanna slowly awakend from her trance-like existance, finding the man who brought her here leaning against a tree. He no longer looked like the boogie-man she had first seen through the haze consisting of fairy tales and faint reality, but instead like a white-blonde god in the prime of his life, a pale face decorated by a smug grin and the two most beautifull sparkling eyes she had ever seen, two deep mismatched pools of wisdom and life's energy staring at her, taking her up from head to toe.

Holding his hand out to her he asked: "Are you Hungry?"

She nodded and grasped the gloved hand, leading her to the sheet Jareth motioned her to sit down. The day flew by filled with merryment and joy. As the sun sunk down from the sky into the darkness of night and the moon took her place the stars looked down at the loving pair lying entangled in each arms, loving and caressing each other at the base of the small waterfall.

As they lied there eternal love was vowed and a bond shapen with the moon and the stars as their witnesses. The night went by and became day again, sun caressing the bodies of the awaking lovers, days past, months past a year had past, a year as there had never been a year before for neither Jareth nor Dreyanna, the now beloved queen of the goblins and the first night of the year following brought happiness beyond belief, a child was born and news spread out fast to the farthest boundaries of the kingdom and beyond.

"A girl, a girl... a girl has been born with eyes as blue as the deepest pools existing, hair as light and golden as fresh-fallen snow in the morningsun and her face as fair as the face of the Lady Guinevere must has been" it went from place to place and country to country.

A young baby princess had been born, her angelic features and being bearing the name Seraph, only her mother and her mother's people calling her by her second name, Hope. Seraph had been born, created out of love, a title was given, she would be, from that day on, known as:

Seraph, the Goblin Princess

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