L'Ilythiiri Zhaun'ol

(The Drow Dictionairy)

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22. Supplement

Here are given the most common words in a language. That are the pronouns, the verbs to be and to have and many other handy words.

22A. Pronouns

1 2 3 4 -Self
(I) (Mine) (Me) (My) (Myself)
xxx xxx-t xxx-a xxx-ta xxx-tan
I Uss Usst Ussa Ussta Usstan
You Dos Dosst Dossa Dossta Dosstan
She Ilt Ilt Ilta Ilta Iltan
She KirilenKiril Kirust
He Uk Ukt Ukta Ukta Uktan
It Ol Olt Olta Olta Oltan
We UdosUdosst UdossaUdosstaUdosstan
You Dos Dosst Dossa Dossta Dosstan
TheyNindNint Nina Ninta Nintan

22B. To be & to have

To Be Tlu
I am Uss uil
You are Dos phuul
She is Ilt zhah
He is Uk zhah
It is Ol zhah
We are Udoss phuul
You are Dos phuul
They are Nind phuul
Being Tlus
To Have Inbal
I have Uss inbal
You have Dos inbal
She has Ilt dirken
He has Uk dirken
It has Ol dirken
We have Udoss inbal
You have Dos inbal
They haveNind inbal
Having Plynnir

22C. To shall & to will

To Shall Zhal
Shall not Zhal naut
Should Zhal'la
Should notZhal'la naut
To Will Orn
Will not Orn naut
Would Orn'la
Would not Yorn'au

22D. Other handy words

Yes Xaz
No Nau
Not Naut
None Naust
Never Neitar
Now Nin
A Natha
One Uss
And Lueth
To Ulu
Do (to) Xun
Don't Xuat
A Natha
One Uss
And Lueth
To Ulu
Do (to) Xun
Don't Xuat
The Lil
This Nindol
These Nondolen
That Nindel
Those Nindyn
Than Taga
Then Zhahn
How Ellos
What Vel'bol
When Vel'drav
Where Vel'klar
Which Vel'bolen
Who Vel'uss
Whom Vel'ussa
Whose Vel'dos
Why Veldrunn
Go Alu
Come Doer
Die El
Halt Zresik
Kill Elgg
Leave Hazl
Come hereDoer ghil

23. Phrases to certainly learn

To survive in a drow-community, it is wise to certainly learn the next phrases. They will help you to be very polite to the drow, or they can learn you when you have to be ready to fight your way out.

I greet you Vendui'
I leave you Aluve'
I thank you Uss bel'la dossta
I see you (at {a place}) Uss xrash dossa (a {xxxxxxxx})
I(-self) am {name} Usstan uil {xxxxxxxxxx}
Leihana tu'sai Thank you very much
A dossta quarth By your command
Honored High Priestess Malla yathtallar
Honored mistress Malla jabbress
Matron Mother Ilharess
Queen Matron Valsharess Ilharess
Bow for (our) Matron B'luthyrr whol (udossta) Ilharess
Attack! Thalackz'hind!
Come back! Doer rath!
Die! Elgg!
Fear me! Stre ussa!
Nondrow! Colnbluth!
Stop! Zresik!
Yes, and? Xas, lueth?
So what! Ji vel'bol!
And so? Lueth ji?
Fuck off! Vith'ir!
In your dreams Wun dossta stolith
You! evil creature! Dos! verin beldrol!
Fuck you, elf! Vith'os, darthiir!
Meet your destiny! Thalra dossta elamshin!
Now you die Nin dos elgg
Darkness take you! Oloth plynn dos!
All victory is her doing!Jal ultrinnan zhah xundus!
Lolth be praised! Lolth tlu malla!
Lolth, guard me! Lolth, kyorl ussa!
Lolth guard you Lolth kyorl dossta
Lolth, help us! Lolth, xxizz udossa!
It is a honor meeting youOl zhah bel'la talthalra dossta
It is Lolth's will Ol zhah lil elamshin
{Housename} supreme! {xxxxxxxxx} ultrin!


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