L'Ilythiiri Zhaun'ol

(The Drow Dictionairy)

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Have you ever wanted a language for a fantasy race, but wanted to not rely on a real language? Sometimes, while role-playing a fantasy race, people sometimes talk a different (real) language, e.q. english for common, or german for drow (TM) (c.q. nightelfes), french for some other race. Well, the drow (TM) (c.q. nightelfes) has their own one. Now it is possible to make role-playing (table-top and life) a bit more real.

A little history

Back in 1996, I started Life Role-Playing by playing a common human. Seeing all the different characters, the next year I choose to play nightelf (a kind of drow (TM)). To get knowledge of this race, I started to study books about the drow (TM), published by TSR, later WotC.

And in one of them I found a little list of the language (Drow Of The Underdark, by Ed Greenwood - TSR #9326). I started to type it over and make a little book of it.

It was in 1997 I printed the very first Original Edition (no copy found of it). I think it contained the most basic words, given in the named book Drow Of The Underdark. I must have had some words with me to an event, because reports from those days (which I found), says I wrote some words on a paper to hand it over.

The Definitive Edition (Light Yellow).

Some weeks later I found more words on the internet and I started to collect the words and make a real (paper) dictionairy. In those days of the dot-matrix-printers, it was a hell of a job editing the whole list. It was all done in an ASCII-editor (well, it was at the end of the DOS-period). All have to fit in an A5-format pocket book (that is about 10cm x 15cm). This format was big enough to carry with me and look some words up, when I needed.

In 1998, the first definitive edition came out, with on the cover a picture of a drow woman (from Elves Of Evermeet, - TSR #9430). Well, the woman was Lady Karsel'lyn Lylyl-Lytherraias and I really loved the picture. The books were stapled together and a sewing thread was used not only to strengthen it, but (with a golden thread) also to give it a luxurious appearance.

This edition already contained all syntax-rules of the language. I thought I printed 5 copies to give them away to the highest ranked characters in our group. It was new and the idea looked magnificently.

The Re-Edition (Blue).

In the year 2000, much more words were found on the internet. The whole document was remastered, using a desk-top publishing program. There came more special tables in it for titles, houses, deities, race-words, special-words, etc. At the end was a special section with special phrases, a player realy had to learn, to make it seem a little real. And all content was printed with a laser-printer.

A friend had drawn a nice picture of a drow (TM) man and he gave me permission to use it on the front cover. Also the number of pages became to much to hold them with staples, so a plastic binder was used, it was large enough to browse through the pages, without problems.

A some larger number of copies were published (max 10), for selling to some of our group-members.

This edition have a different color cover than the previous one. It also get a different picture on it. The purpose of these was to distinguish the different editions

The Sec-dition (Green).

In the year 2003, some more words were found, but more important was the implementation of more background story of the drow (TM). The whole document was remasterd a little. A picture was found on the internet and a permission by email was given (in exchange for a real copy to the swedish drawer).

More copies were made of this edition and sold to more players.

Also this edition have a different colored cover and with a different picture on it.


The Life Role-Playing days are years behind and in 2017 I started to search for what is over from all those words. Well I still found the site where I had all the words from. And again I got thru the whole list to delete double-words (and some noncense words, which seemed only to be names of some persons).

Nowadays, I decided to put the contents of the book online on several pages. As for the whole word-list, I wrote a special program to show all words on the screen. The method is the same as in all those paper copies. My primairy goal was to publish only the list and you have to browse by yourself thru the whole list. I (still) think that is the best way to learn a language. Just doing it by hand ...



... But if you realy need an robot translator, try the next link - Just be aware that the list of the robot-translator is not the exact one as the list you find here.
http://www.grey-company.org/Maerdyn/resources/translator/index.cgi (checked: 29 jan 2017)

All published editions together, each with a different color and picture.

The Definitive Edition - 1998

The Re-Edition - 2000

The Sec-dition - 2003