L'Ilythiiri Zhaun'ol

(The Drow Dictionairy)

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Drow [-]Special?English [-]Remark
'Anon Flower
'Anonen Flowers
'Bgualyiz Correct
'Bgualyizles Correction
'Che Loved
'Chev Beloved
'Go Confused
'Ol Book with -
'Ol Knowledge of -
'Ranndi Wife
'Shar (valshar) Realm
'Sharvalshar Realm
'Sohna Again
'Udtila Does
'Zil As(shortened)
-Eld -able
A At
A By
A'leai Rare
A'leaiil Rarity
A'ni General
A'nshal'attl Ambassador
A'quarth Commission
A'quarthus Commissioned
A'temra Demoness
A'till Earned
A'zil Consorts
Aadk Shout
Aadkat Shouting
Abban Ally
Abban Not-enemy
Abbanel Affiliation
Abbanelith Politics
Abbanelith'ha Politic
Abbanelithl Political
Abbanelithlne Politically
Abbanen Allies
Abbanid Alliance
Abbaniden Alliances
Abbilttl Comrade
Abbilttl Friend
Abbilttl Trusted friend
Abbil'olplynir Borrow
Abbilen Friends
Abowttl Regarding
Abyl Testicle
Acraba Mastery
Acratura Manage (to)
Acraturae Manages
Acraturain Managing
Acraturaus Managed
Acti'von Participate
Aed Except
Aedar Excepts
Aedi Exception
Aediin Excepting
Aedin Exceptions
Aedus Excepted
Ael Abandon
Aelus Abandoned
Aeroselm Air
Aeroselm Element Air
Aeros-dresttim Summer(II)
Afya Health
Aglust Part
Ahaluthh Glorious
Aiqy Cake
Ajak Remember
Ak'nen Brain
Ak'uech Forge
Akai'zhar Forsaken
Akana Ruling
Akezhar Nemisis
Akh Band
Akh Bunch
Akh Group
Akh Mass
Akhin Gather
Akhinas Gathering
Aklilelm Water
Aklil-ulttim Spring(I)
Akuzir Witness
Akyl Course
Al Well
Al'doer Welcome
Al'doere Welcomes
Al'doerin Welcoming
Al'doerus Welcomed
Al'sanbone Alertness
Al'vur Cow
Alantha Midnight
Alartaespw Greater tentacle rod
Alikir Compared
Alil Copies
Alil Copy (to)
Aliss Invite
Alissem Invitation
Alissus Invited
Alitir Circumstances
Alkar Forfeit
Alkyr But
Alkyr However
Alright Collain
Altho During
Alti'ui Wing
Alti'uin Wings
Alu Go (to)
Aluin Going
Alukir Weapon
Alur Better
Alur Superior
Alure Dance (to)
Aluren Dances
Alurl Best
Alurl Foremost
Alus Gone
Alus Went
Alust Facing
Alust Fore front
Alust Front
Alust In front
Alust In the fore front
Alustil Further
Aluve'phr Farewell
Aluve'phr I leave you
Aluve'phr We leave you
Amadaster Despite
Amankil Clergy
Amith Enjoyment
An'arttl Dancer
An'arenttl Dancers
An'kinttl Teacher
An'yui Answer
An'yuil Answers
Andontim Clock
Angelic Robin
Angzuess Harrower
Angzuessai Harrowers
Anika' Doesn't
Ankys Couple
Ann Beg
Ann'ish Appear
Annhan Drawbridge
Annhannen Drawbridges
Anon Flower
Anth Ring
Anthes Rings
Antilles Pilot
Anuis Elder
Anulo Sky
Anulon Skies
Anzzar Sigil
Anzzarrim Sigils
Aolth Abase
Ap'za Fate
Ap'zen Luck
Aphyon Death
Appzi Sorry(very seldom used)
Ar'thalos Development
Arach-tinilithins Academy for yathrin (temple of Lloth and)
Arach-tinilithins Temple of Lloth and academy for yathrin
Arbblen Scorpion
Arbbleth Scorpions
Ardlev Shine
Areion Through
Arin Circle
Arisa Stalker
Arlathil Nature
Arlyurl Breast
Arlyurl Tit
Arlyurlen Breasts
Armtes Military
Arretwnh Arwen
Arriss New
Arrist News
Arrist Hewelurttl Reporter
Arshes Thunder
Aru-sch'nie Arushnee
Asanque As you wish
Asanque Likewise
Asanquephr By your command
Asanquel As you wish
Ashl'ah Audience
Asizil Unable
Aske'th Asked
Aslu Got
Asrogg Ruin
Assa'rai Dreamer
Asse Eagle
Aster Truth
Asteren Truths
Astu Undone
Astunin Undoing
Astux Undo (to)
Atat Rib
Atatal Ribs
Aterruce Creature
Athiyk Spirit
Atsar Catch
Atsarin Catching
Atse Catches
Atsus Caught
Aturr Used
Atyr Operation
Au Near
Auflaque Dog
Auflaque Jackle
Auflaqui Dogs
Autnattl Granddaughter
Avariel Eternity
Avelxune Spied
Avoksu Studies
Avroltim April(4)
Avuna Fury
Avushin Solid
Awni Soup
Awylir Unwary
Axsa Damnable
Aya At
Azbahar'uss Supremacy
B'ahlach Beholder
B'luth Recast
B'luth'ol Arrow
B'luthe Recasts
B'luthel Bolt
B'luthin Recasting
B'luthyrr Bow
B'morfeth Remake (to)
B'morfethe Remakes
B'morfethus Remade
B'varess Recall
B'vecko Strange
B'veknin Strangely
Ba'dor Board
Ba'ur Ankle
Ba'uren Ankles
Bahk Dominant
Bahk'tess Dominate
Bakha Manuer
Balbau Grant
Barra Shadow
Bashuk Honour
Baur Ankle
Baut'waelttl Student
Bauth About
Bauth Around
Bautha Avoid (to)
Bautha Dodge (to)
Bauthin Avoiding
Bauthin Dodging
Bauthwuf Encircle
Bein Busy
Bekanan Wiser
Bekea Wise
Bekeanan Wiser
Beksesh Enchanting
Bel Smell after rain
Bel'la Bless (to)
Bel'la Dedicate (to)
Bel'la Honor (to)
Bel'la Praise (to)
Bel'la Thank (to)
Bel'la To honor
Bel'la To thank
Bel'la'n Honoring
Bel'lain Respect
Bel'laton Praising
Bel'laton Thanking
Belaerspw Gold
Belaern Coinage
Belaern Profit
Belaern Treasure
Belaern Wealth
Belasco Satan
Belbau Give (to)
Belbau Provide
Belbau Reward
Belbau Supply
Belbaue Gives
Belbauis Presentation
Belbaulit Given
Belbaun Giving
Belbaunin Giving
Belbaus Gave
Belbaust Render
Belbaut Due
Belbol Gift
Belbolit Imbue
Beldrae Built (to)
Beldraein Building
Beldro Create
Beldro Create (to)
Beldroe Creates
Beldroin Creator
Beldrous Created
Belearn Coinage
Belearn Treasure
Belgareth Maze
Belggir Braggart
Belgha Off
Belik Grant (to)
Bell'elamshan Blessed of Lloth
Bell'elamshan Pregnant
Belzorn Question (to)
Bera'lut Bracelet
Bera'lut Slave shackle
Berrkigg Fields
Bhehan Bane
Bian'yui Brief
Bian'yuine Briefly
Biga Shower
Bihurr Explain (to)
Bihurr Explains
Bihurral Explained
Birir Great
Biririn Greatest
Biririn Greatly
Bista Short
Biu A(seldom used, except for emphasis)
Biu An(seldom used, except for emphasis)
Blada Council
Blas Ant
Blomiricol Yellow
Blyn 7
Blyn Seven
Blyn'sutirtim Week
Blynar 7th
Blynar Seventh
Blynol Several
Blynszith 70
Blynszith Seventy
Blyzithar 70th
Blyzithar Seventith
Bneir'pak Shoot (to)
Bneir'pakin Shooting
Bodrom Bondage
Bol Important
Bol Important item
Bol Important thing
Bol Item
Bol Item (important)
Bol Item (mysterious)
Bol Item (unidentified)
Bol Item (unknown)
Bol Mysterious item
Bol Mysterious thing
Bol Thing
Bol Thing (important)
Bol Thing (mysterious)
Bol Thing (unidentified)
Bol Thing (unknown)
Bol Unidentified item
Bol Unidentified thing
Bol Unknown item
Bol Unknown thing
Bol-droin Here
Bolan Book
Bolan Compendium
Bolan Tome
Bolla Journal
Boln Items
Boln Things
Boln-oushrtim Now
Boln-surittim Today
Boron Advantage
Br'ornen Bask
Bralzin Wind
Bran Loud
Brane' Annoying
Brane'sa Annoyance
Branell Annoy
Branelle Annoys
Branellus Annoyed
Bregan d'aerthettl Mercenary band of rogue drow
Breliav Gathers
Bri Covered
Brigan Section
Briz'esii Distinguish
Bronretla Wonderful
Brorn Surprise
Brorn Wonder
Brorna Surprises
Brotin Fellow
Brou Pity
Brou'ka Pitiful
Brouen Pities
Bry Heel
Brygn Heels
Bryklyth Tangled
Buat'leb Sphere
Buki Bloody
Bunjiro Asshole
Bura Obtained
Bura'u Obtain
Bura'ue Obtains
But'laeb Ball
Bwael A good person
Bwael Good
Byr Other
Byrren Others
C'nrosttl Witch
C'rintrittl Noble drow
C'rintrinttl Nobles drow
C'thlan Cope
Caghresst Boil (to)
Cahallia Food
Cahallia Salad
Cahallin Food (produce or harvest, including raid-spoils, but not hunted game or cooking)
Cahallin Harvest food
Cahallin Produce food
Cahlev'dar Ophidian
Cahlind Snake
Cal Eat (to)
Cal't Fried
Cal'tuu Eaten
Calesset Balls
Calestio Pleasing
Calice Cower
Calus Ate
Caluss Eater
Calussai Eaters
Canakkzak Mentality
Canthen Forms
Canzil Interest
Canzil Intrest
Canzillean Interesting
Cas Gets
Ceagrass Ale
Cel'droth Brew
Cenk'si Cents
Cer'zrac Wyrm
Cetang Really
Cha'kohk Curse
Cha'kohkev Cursed
Cha'ol Incense
Chaer'el Armorer
Chan Cara
Chanash'gi Rope
Chaon Business
Char'riss Message
Charnag Deep
Charnagg Depth
Charnaggen Depths
Chath Flame
Chathelm Element Fire
Chathelm Fire
Chath-palar Pyre
Chathbualeab Fireball
Che Love (romantic)
Che'elcty City (generic)
Che'elcty Generic city
Che'elzenttl Citizen
Chechatuso Hanging
Cheysulttl Husband
Cheysulattl Wife
Chi Fallen
Chi' Betray
Chi'dilok Fallen paladin
Chi'qazz Effulgent
Chi'us Betrayed
Chiana Betrayal
Chiless Female heir
Chillala Underwear
Chiluk Male heir
Chitt Stench
Chkazzk Clashing
Chonirfan Acquaintance
Chu Comes
Chu'tgera Smoke (to)
Chu'tgerin Smoking
Chu'tgerus Smoked
Chuth Ash
Chuthen Ashes
Cie_attle Intimidate
Cielra Mysterious
Ciiholtryuittl Goddess
Clarg'arth Species
Clau Cock
Clau Dick
Clete Dancer of
Clor Rite
Clorrh Rites
Cluta Knuckle
Clutan Knuckles
Co'ce Cook
Cogniran Remembered
Cognirr Remember
Colare' Transport
Colare'na Transportation
Colbauth Known way
Colbauth Path
Colbauth Way
Collain Alright
College Telamurin
Colnbluthrac Non-drow
Colnbluthttl Outsider
Colno' Coat
Colno'en Coats
Colnoh Cape
Colnohen Capes
Comp'sashnan Ate
Comp'sashnan Ate('calus' more commonly used)
Complir Member
Complirae Members
Comson Crimson
Conamori Comfort
Connar Lovely
Consi-petra Abbreviate
Consi-petra Shorten
Consir Make
Contin Touch
Contri Access (to)
Contri Engage (to)
Contri Expend (to)
Contri Operate (to)
Contri Spend
Contri Use
Contrir Accessed
Contrir Engaged
Contrir Expended
Contrir Expent
Contrir Operated
Contrir Spent
Contrir Used
Corl Bicep
Corlae Biceps
Cortha Attempt (to)
Corthyr Etiquette
Corthyr Punctuation
Cot'rhea Commence
Crastia Apple
Craz Brat
Cress Web
Cressen Webs
Cretokrac Orc
Cri'n Crying
Crup Blame (to)
Crupen Blames
Crupowl Blamed
Cruprou Blaming
Cryso Rose
Crysos Roses
Crztil Creative
Cth'ral Calico
Cu'thezth Compared
Cuass'ili Room
Curis Healer
Cydiur Bar
Cyrus Excellent
D' Of
D' Of(shortened)
D'anthe Dear
D'aron Knight
D'arthiirrac Elf (surface)
D'arthiirrac Faerie
D'arthiirest Treacherous
D'elezz Though
D'feza Ode
D'issan Dawn
D'jal All of you
D'kara Crossed
D'lil Of the
D'nilokttl Paladin
D'ril Although
D'sansha Feces
D'silva Ineffective
D'sreft Blow
D'thala Dripping
D'vrok Defy
Da' From(shortened)
Da'ramur Daydreamer
Da'ramy Daydream
Da're Arm (bodypart)
Da'rex Arms (bodyparts)
Da'ur Leg
Da'uren Legs
Da'urzotreth Kick
Dackbarr Marriage
Daewl Wish
Daewle Wishes
Daewlin Wishing
Daggar Keeshe
Dajakk Fix (to)
Dajakke Fixes
Dal From(often shortened to da')
Dalda' From
Dalharttl Child
Dalharenttl Children
Dalharilttl Daughter
Dalharukttl Son
Dalninilttl Sister
Dalnininttl Sisters
Dalninukttl Brother
Dalzhind History
Danil Oops
Darthien Elves
Darthiir Traitors
Darthiirrac Fairies
Darthiirrac Surface elf
Darthiirirac Lightelf
Darthirphortim Moonrise
Daska Correct
Daska Correctly
Daska Right
Daur Leg
Daxunyrr Savior
Dazzan Race
Dazzanen Races
De' Of(shortened)
Death Aphyon
Deg'rabah Trespass
Degahr Trouble
Degahr'hi Troublesome
Deis Dreams
Deisen Dream (to)
Deisenin Dreaming
Deisus Dreamt
Dek'za Legion
Del Of(often shortened to d' or de')
Della Told
Delmahspw Home
Delomaeth Obsession
Den-qu'th Serve
Derfi Chicken
Dero'lyle Possession
Derothel Implements
Deshmalphr Bye
Desrinar Scattered
Desu Often
Detholar Choose
Detholare Chooses
Detholin Choosing
Detholir Choice
Detholus Chose (to)
Detholusin Chosen
Detill Subject
Dhente Descent
Dhrakta Rapier
Dhynttl Mortal
Dhynen Mortals
Di'morad Actions
Dilin Even
Dilok Fallen
Dinien Dexterous
Dirk Had
Dirken Has
Disiri Beyond
Disparee Sent
Dispart Banish
Dispater Send
Dispur Abjure
Disrin Far
Ditius Hand
Ditronw Right
Ditronw'urn Rightful
Divil Inferior
Dizta Sheep
Dkinoss Else
Dkinosse'vel'klar Elsewhere
Do'bauth Escape (to)
Do'bauthin Escaping
Do'ch Gay
Do'suul Outside
Dobluthrac Outcast
Dobluthttl Pariah
Dobluthanrac Outcasts
Dobor Door
Doboren Doors
Doeb Out
Doebval External
Doebvalsae Surfaces
Doebvalsh Surface
Doebvalshen World
Doer Come
Doera Become
Doerain Becoming
Doerin Coming
Doern Others
Doern Rest
Doerrus Came
Dofith Flee
Dofithin Fleeing
Dogheut Wanders
Dol'ruth Passing
Domar Control
Domar Oversee
Domirt Shall
Dor-lil Fire
Dorin Eye
Dorinil Eyes
Dormagyn Save
Dorn I'll
Dorthan Aids
Dorthan Assists
Dortho Aid (to)
Dortho Assist
Dorthyn Pillock
Dorthyn Prat
Dos You(1)
Dos`misun Misjudge
Dosful You are
Dosful You're
Dosilij Principle
Dosinna Personal
Dosman Gentle
Dossa Your(3)
Dosst Yours(2)
Dossta Your(4)
Dosstan Yourself(s)
Dosstan Yourselves(s)
Dothkarac Drider
Dothkarnrac Driders
Dozet Verb
Dra'ena Twice
Dra'kai Jayme
Dra'malar Duel
Draa 2
Draa Two
Draak Reptile
Draakarliik Ettin
Drachir Moonfire
Drachirath Moonfire
Drada 2nd
Drada Second
Draevaltim Time
Draeval p'lostim Past(time)
Draevalen Times
Dragazharspw Bat
Dragazharspw Underdark
Dragazharspw Underdark bat
Draix Center
Dralis Pair
Drasvtim Year
Drasventim Years
Draszith 20
Draszith Twenty
Draszithael 28
Draszithael Twenty-eight
Draszithal 29
Draszithal Twenty-nine
Draszithar 20th
Draszithar Twentieth
Draszithdra 22
Draszithdra Twenty-two
Draszithla 23
Draszithla Twenty-three
Draszithlyn 27
Draszithlyn Twenty-seven
Draszithraun 26
Draszithraun Twenty-six
Draszithuel 25
Draszithuel Twenty-five
Draszithuen 24
Draszithuen Twenty-four
Draszithus 21
Draszithus Twenty-one
Drathir Moon
Dregzt Drag
Drejan Frost
Drelber ulm Umberhulk
Drescabletim December(12)
Drewst Remove (to)
Drewstin Removing
Drezin Drag
Drezin Twist
Driderspw Half-drow abomination
Driderspw Half-spider
Driderspw Half-spider, half-drow
Dridiuk 1'000'000'000'000
Dridiuk Billion
Drin Motivations
Drin Reasons
Drinn Ritual
Drinn-z'hind Quest
Drinn-z'hind Search
Drinnalttl Ritualist
Drinnert Devotions
Drinnest Ritually
Drislved Enhance
Drital Drink (to)
Dritalk Drinks
Drith Scorn
Drith'al Scorned
Drith'na Scornful
Drizlah Tall
Drizlahrit Taller
Dro Alive
Dro Dwell
Dro Life
Dro Live (to)
Dro'us Lived
Dro'xun Survive (to)
Dro'xundus Survival
Dro'xunen Survives
Dro'xunou Surviving
Dro'xunus Survived
Dro-ilindith Ambition
Dro-resad Blood
Drodraeval Lifetime
Droin Place (to)
Drokk Fist
Drolnarttl Assassin
Dron Lives
Dros'he Purpose
Drostanspw Metal
Druegarrac Dark dwarf
Druin Need (to)
Druinen Needed
Druish Being
Drushiirac Drow
Drushiirac Drows
Drussen Natural
Drussenen Naturally
Drynn Enchantment
Dryss'ho Gather
Du'ased Blessed
Du'nherz Casually
Duanda Mistake
Dubo Hard
Duenhugttl Dweller
Duerganrac Dwarves
Duergarrac Deep dwarf
Duergarrac Deep dwarves
Duergarrac Duergar (deep dwarf)
Duib Stiff
Duifie Fei
Duk'tak Executioner
Dukyr Innerplane
Dukyr Plane (inner)
Dumo Bless
Dumoas Blessing
Duranfeh Conviction
Duranfehen Convictions
Dus'kin Devious
Dusqup Doomed
Duucald Combat
Duul'sso Free
Duul'ssom Freedom
Duulakah Pie
Duzip Another
Dwalc Lonely
Dwen'delrac Dwarf
Dwen'delesrac Dwarfs
Dyne Perfection
Dyunhk Likes
E'di-tir Say (to)
E'di-tir Speak (to)
E'spdonttl Archmage
E'trit Filth
E'ussus Stoke
Eairthil Ground
Eairthin Grounds
Eaustim Eve
Echk Hi
Edonil Twilight
Eemsorr Awesome
Eeoctsl Coolest
Efst'utspw Aura
Eghin Bored
Ehmtau Owns
Ehmth Territory
Ehmtrud Owned
Ehmtu Own (some-one -)
Ehmtu Own (to)
Ehmtu Posses
Ehmtua Owner
Eilistraeedty Dark maiden (the) - goddess of the good Drow - enemy of Lloth
Eilistraeedty The dark maiden - goddess of the good Drow - enemy of Lloth
Eit'jae Implore
El Die (to)
El'an Bestowed
El'garderin Economic
El'garin Resource
El'inssrigg Inn
El'inssrigg Tavern
El'lar Dwelling
El'lar Non-noble house
El'larttl House (non-noble)
El'lar d'ssinssriggins House of pleasure
El'lar d'ssinssriggins Pleasure (house of)
El'tacch Dissapoint (to)
El'ujol Bottle
Elakar Thy
Elam'aph Devoted
Elamshin Destiny
Elamshin Destiny (of Lloth)
Elamshin The will of Lloth
Elamshin Will of Lloth
Elamshinttl Lloth's will
Elamshinae Favor
Elamshinae Grace (especially with Lloth)
Elamshinae Grace (holy)
Elamshinae Grace (with Lloth)
Elamshinae Holy grace
Elamshinae Lloth grace
Elamzhan Behalf
Elar Dies
Eld'chalok Poisonous
Eldalie Elven
Eldhinn Death
Ele Why
Elemmiire Star
Elen Stay (to)
Elend Traditional
Elend Usual
Elendar Continue (to)
Elendar Continued
Elendar Endure (to)
Elendar Stayed
Elendarin Continuing
Elendarin Enduring
Elendor Still
Elg'belbau Cruse
Elg'cahal Poison (to)
Elg'cahl Poison
Elg'cahlirttl Poisoner
Elg'car Complain
Elg'car Whine
Elg'caress Complaining
Elg'caressrac Harpy
Elg'caressttl Bitch (female)
Elg'caressttl Female bitch
Elg'caressttl Hag
Elg'carin Complaining
Elg'carin Whining
Elg'hasekttl Ranger
Elge Destruction
Elgg Destroy (to)
Elgg Kill (to)
Elgg Slay (to)
Elgg'e Slays
Elgg'namba Warhammer
Elgg'namban Warhammers
Elgg'rilkh Exterminate
Elggar Kills
Elggarin Slaying
Elggat Destroyed
Elgge Destroys
Elgge Slays
Elggen Killed
Elggin Killing
Elgginttl Killer
Elgginttl Murderer
Elgginttl Slayer
Elggor Dying
Elggs Destroyer
Elggthae Disembowelled
Elggur Destroyer
Elggurttl Killer
Elggus Slain
Elghinn Death
Elghinnfaer Necromancy
Elghinyrr Dead
Elghinyrr'fearnrac Lich
Elghinyrrok Deadly
Elghkhelrac Skeleton
Elghkhellen Skeletons
Elghliik Skull
Elghliiken Skulls
Elgluth Scourge
Elgluth Whip (to)
Elgrarinicol Brown
Elgull Offense
Elhe Notices
Elhear Notice
Elhearin Noticing
Elkil Maim (to)
Elkilen Maimed
Ellos How
Elnoar Ruthless
Elrie Crush
Els'qatyu Arbiter
Els'qatyu Arbitrator
Eluith'orth Faith
Emelanelm Elemental
Emente'elm Elements
Emp'poss Job
Emplaniilid Fulfilled
Emptrem Jasmine
Emrades Acorn
Enble Can (to)
Endar Different
Endar Opposite
Endel Shimmer
Enis Could
Enrot Enslave
Enrothe Enslaved
Entarer Ornament
Enzzeir Harbinger
Eoulspw Gem
Epirer Fill
Epirer Inthuse
Epistology The study of the epistles
Equi Experienced
Equidai Skill
Er'griff Only
Er'l Rips
Ereir Call (to)
Erg'les Question
Erg'lesizil Questionable
Eridok Heir
Erkd'fe Study (to)
Erl'elee Embrace
Erl'eleeus Embraced
Ernin Remainder
Erolrac Orc
Erolnrac Orcs
Errdegahrttl Demon
Erress Psionics (Older word used by Eilistraeens)
Errgan Mostly
Erth'netoratim Summer(II)
Erthetim Winter(IV)
Ertwed Phone
Eryd Weom
Esaph Alike
Essujr Steep
Eszak Worry (to)
Et'zarreth Ass
Euol Gem
Euolniar Clarification
Evagna Forgive
Evven'to Rape
Exelan Symptoms
Expulsion Expulsion
Exrunir Too
Ezir Comfortably
Ezsakil Worried
Ezual Saying
F'sarn I'm
Fa'la zatoastttl Bastard
Fa'narow Funny
Faentar Activate
Faente Activates
Faentin Activating
Faentus Activated
Faer Magic
Faer'atca Magical attack
Faerbol Magic item
Faerbol Magical item
Faerl Magical
Faerlikith Spelljammer
Faern Magic-user
Faern Magic-worker
Faern Sorcerer
Faernttl Mage
Faernttl Sorceress
Faernttl Wizard
Faernenttl Wizards
Faernveldrattl Necromancer
Faernveldrattl Wizshade
Faerveldrattl Necromancer
Faerveldrattl Wizshade
Faerz'ol Grimoire
Faerz'olspw Spellbook
Faerz'ress Magical strength
Faerz'un'arrttl Seeress
Faerz'undus Magic spell
Faerz'undus Spell
Faerzress Magical power
Faerzress Radiation (magical power)
Fag'ded Sitting
Fahliellttl Warlock
Fainh Admit
Fainhe Admits
Fainhin Admitting
Fainhus Admitted
Fainhusne Admittedly
Falanntim Spring(I)
Falanni Stream
Falduna Praise (to)
Falma Wave (to) (water)
Falman Waves (water)
Faril Blurred
Farjali Precious
Fashka Force
Fattipuss Willow
Fay'laph Savor
Fazer Soul
Fazer Spirit
Feher Puppy
Feheri Puppies
Fei'ir Fair
Feir Far
Feith Wait (to)
Feithin Waiting
Fel Ace
Felah Further
Feldin Invisible
Felzir Cat
Fer Wave (hand movement)
Fere Waves (hand movement)
Ferin Waving (hand movement)
Ferus Waved (hand movement)
Feryxonisspw Underground
Fetear Blazing fire
Fetiner Petition
Fetiner Petitioner
Fielthal Contribution
Fielthalen Contributions
Filut Sense
Fin'rai Harvestor
Fjolla'danne Incompetence
Flamgra Burn (to)
Flamgra'in Burning
Flasmix Energy
Flatu'lar Fart
Fle'nruid Limit
Flen'los Artery
Floh'l Follower
Flohlu Follow (to)
Fodam Discontent
Fodam Hate (to)
Fol Some
Folan Seek (to)
Folbol Something
Foldraevaltim Sometime
Foldraevalstim Sometimes
Folggash Friendship
Folkhel Somebody
Follu'oh Somehow
Folt Such
Foluss Someone
Foris Arm
Fotus Forth
Fowai Weird
Fre'sla Stand
Fredontim August(8)
Fridishphr Salute
Fridj Just
Frin'kla Overload
Fris Sent
Frustration Rebanouim
Ftytim July(7)
Fuck Kiluki
Fuer'yonrac Beast
Fuer'yoniirac Beasts
Fugaris Occasion
Fuma Family
Fyrras Shake (to)
Fyrrase Shakes
Fyrrasus Shook
Fysseren Premonitions
G'jahall Defeat
G'jahalle Defeats
G'jahallin Defeating
G'jahallus Defeated
G'rftte Thanks
G'waeklyth Entangled
G'yutri Outsmart
Gaahrcol Gray
Gaalsh'li Secular
Gaer There
Gajaktim Later
Gajentim Late
Galach Amuse (to)
Galavern Universe
Galla Trying
Gar'ven Pleasant
Gareth Strong
Garethurl Strongest
Garrspw Gargoyle
Garros Sleep (to)
Garul Release
Gary Willy
Gauka Thirst
Ge'shen Gereshen
Gekka Homing
Genialaa Lifts
Geocok Withdrawl
Geocok-ultrine Excommunicated
Gethloc Stalagtite
Ggaina Swim (to)
Ghaunadaurdty That which lurks - god of the creatures of the underdark
Ghefna Quickest
Gheut Wander (to)
Ghil Here
Gi Ooh
Gi'shal Squish (to)
Gil'ssrigghinn Anyway
Gilaghu Forsee
Gladare Glad
Gleath Militia
Glennttl Soldier
Glin Hook (to)
Glin'seir Hooking
Glinoth Hooked
Glit'r Rip (to)
Glit'ret Ripping
Gluesa Cheese
Gnoth Yawn
Go'h Pig
Go'hi Pigs
Golrac Goblin
Gol'ssinssttl Goblin lover
Golhir Write (to)
Golhirn Writing
Golhylin Letters
Golhyn Communication
Golhyn Document
Golhyn Letter
Golhyn Message
Golhynar Documentation
Golhynil Messenger
Golhyrr Ruse (to)
Golhyrr Trap (to)
Golhyrr Trick (to)
Golin Successful
Golnrac Goblins
Golshyst Conversation
Gorch Stain
Gordo Whole
Gorgath Desperate
Gorgathne Desperately
Goros Till
Gort Good
Gos Goes
Gotar Meal
Gotfrer Forget (to)
Gow Oder
Gow Smell
Gowus Smelled
Gragg Violate (to)
Gragg'reth Violation
Gratin Favor
Gre'as'anto Peace
Grentza Oral
Grit Wit
Groova Trip
Growg Pincer
Growgeg Pincers
Gu'ephr Hey
Gudrir Union
Gukluth Seemed
Gulttl Ghost
Gultah Offer (to)
Gulu'da Haunt (to)
Gulu'dae Haunts
Gulu'dain Haunting
Gulu'daine Hauntingly
Gulu'daus Haunted
Gumash Could
Gur'del Insure
Gurin Deny (to)
Gurrouh Yuck
Gut Hug
Guta Hug (to)
Guthlimia Importance
Gutus Hugged
Guu'lac Doubt
Guu'lac'rn Doubtful
Guuan Wake (to)
Guuanar Wakes
Guy'ya Bear
Gyolaen Oppose
Gyot Pose (to)
Gyzrann Edition
Gyzrann Version
H'aryn Possess
H'aryne Possesses
H'arynin Possessing
H'arynoin Possessor
H'arynus Possessed
H'ralenk Poke (to)
H'ros Can't
H'sievss Prophecies
H'sievssrig Prophecy
H'sievssruk Prophecied
H'uena Once
Ha'ishe Sucks
Ha'ur Thigh
Ha'uren Thighs
Hacralttl Hobbit
Hakran Extremely
Hakran Very
Hakran-Ultran-K'lar Mountain
Hakran-Ultran-K'lar Very high place
Halisstrad Mystery
Halrathn Saber
Halt Thick
Har Ear
Har'droelm Earth
Har'droelm Element Earth
Har'luth Conquer
Har'luth Subjugate
Har'ol Cave
Har'ol Cavern
Har'olen Caverns
Har'olothspw The underdark
Har'olothspw Underdark
Har'zian Horizon
Haranattl Niece
Haranittl Nephew
Haranth Earring
Harglukrac Dwarf
Harglukkinrac Dwarves
Harl Below
Harl Beneath
Harl Down
Harl Under
Harl'il'cik Kneel (to)
Harl-akliltim Autumn(III)
Harlil Bottom
Harln Drop (to)
Harlor Stony
Haru Wound
Haruk Doom (to)
Harventh Break
Harventh Cut (to)
Harventh Sever (to)
Harventhe Severs
Harventhel Cutting
Harventhus Severed
Has'tras Monkey
Haska Talking
Hass'l Mean
Hass'len Meant
Hasstn Angry
Haszakrac Illithid
Haszakrac Mind-Flayer
Haszakkinrac Illithids
Haszakkinrac Mind-Flayers
Haur Thigh
Havanth Chop (to)
Hawressae Insolence
Hawrest Insolent
Hazar Went
Hazarn Going
Hazl Leave (to)
Hazr Fast
Hazr Haste (to)
Hazr Quick
Hazr Speed
Hee Wandering
Heen Course
Heeth Shape (to)
Heethir'ku Shapeshifter
Hekbal Riptide
Helbau Province
Helothannin Travel
Henotep Almost
Henotep Moderately
Henotep Quite
Henotep Slightly
Henotep Vaguely
Her'op Lollipop
Her'tanins Guild
Heru'nga Support (to)
Hery Wounds
Hes'thar Laughs
Hewel Scribe
Hezral Go (to)
Hezrus Gone
Hiever Prophet
Hiranrac Giant
Hirh Inspect (to)
Hirhar Inspect
Hirhe Inspects
Hirhelar Examine
Hirhelar Examiner
Hirhele Examines
Hirhelin Examining
Hirhelus Examined
Hirhelus Examined
Hirhess Inspector
Hirhin Inspecting
Hirhus Inspected
Hironel Dastardly
Hithern Oath
Ho'tuc Happening
Hojh Fail (to)
Hojj Fails
Hojjau Failed
Hojjl Failing
Holor Despair
Homocular Invent
Homocularen Creations
Homoculin Inventions
Homuclar Creation
Homuclar Invent (to)
Homucli Invention
Hong'anto Tranquility
Honglan Logic
Honglata Keep (to)
Honglata Save (to)
Honglata Secure (to)
Honglath Behaviour (good)
Honglath Bravery
Honglath Calm
Honglath Clear thinking
Honglath Good behavior
Honglath Logical thinking
Hosse Army
Hossen Armies
Houj Failure
Hrust Arrow
Hrust Dart
Huela 5
Huela Five
Huelar 5th
Huelar Fifth
Huertar Hurry (to)
Huerte Hurries
Huertin Hurrying
Huertus Hurried
Hueszith 50
Hueszith Fifty
Hueszithar 50th
Hueszithar Fiftieth
Huintim January(1)
Huk'treemal Fearfully
Huk'treemma Fearful
Hull'phir Prefer (to)
Huthin Next
Hwesta Breeze (to)
Hwuen Until
Hyrl Useful
Hyrr Abstract item
Hyrr Item (abstract)
Hyrr'ol Honest
Hyrr'olar Honesty
I'dol Way
I'dollen Ways
I'lluth Pointless
I'nik Sand
I'sav Foundation
I'ssurittl Mom
Ialys Smile (to)
Ialyse Smiles
Ialysen Smiles (noun)
Ialysin Smiling
Ialysus Smiled
Iaurrh Bridge
Iaurrhen Bridges
Ib'ahalii Glory
Ib'leua Humble (to)
Ibhurral Explained
Ibihurr Explains
Iblith Carrion
Iblith Excrement
Iblith Offal
Iblith Waste
Iblithttl Scum
Iblithir Rat
Ichl Too
Ick'neos Arse
Idrasith Acabus
Ifa Push (to)
Ifict What
Ifna Supposed
Iglata Promise
Iglatan Promises
Ih'ara Protector
Iishry'dur Torcy
Iiyola Treasure
Iiyola mapat'drachim Treasure map
Ik'tarnttl Pacifist
Ikal'daka Wolves
Ikkask Telling
Iklnig Meaning
Il She (old word)
Il uriu She's (she has)
Il zhah She's (she is)
Il'kahticalttl Imbecile
Il'neath Freak (to)
Il'neathe Freaks
Il'tess Awaits
Il'yandrosa Treachery
Il'yivera Attractive
Il-har'enas Ruling
Ilfu'da Visit (to)
Ilhar Birth
Ilhar Give birth to (to)
Ilhar Mother (to)
Ilharttl Mother
Ilharattl Ruler
Ilharessttl Matron
Ilharessttl Matron mother
Ilharessenttl Matrons
Ilharnttl Father
Ilharnttl Lord
Ilharnttl Mister
Ilharnttl Patron
Ilhars Mothers
Ilhyrr Explanation
Ilhyrr'g Explanations
Ilind Hope (to)
Ilindith Aim (to)
Ilindith Goal (to)
Ilindith Hoped for event
Ilinsar Amulet
Ilinsar Medallion
Ilinsar Medalyn
Ilinsar Pendent
Ilitha Accuracy
Ilk If
Ilkalik Halt (to)
Illing Bone
Illistic Fragile
Illithidrac Mind-Flayer
Illithor Eternal servant
Illyiff Beam
Illyitrii Promenade
Ilniatu Club
Ilninilttl Aunt
Ilninukttl Uncle
Ilquanthafer Fulfillment
Ilro'e Exactly
Ilstar Rule (to) (instruction)
Ilstaren Rules (instructions)
Ilt Hers(2)
Ilt She(1)
Ilta Her(3)
Ilta Her(4)
Iltan Herself(s)
Ilthy'eo Equal
Ilva'nesh Effective
Ilythiirirac Drow
Ilythiirirac Drows
Ilythiiri zhaun'ol Drow dictionairy
Ilythiiri zhaun'ol Drow work of knowledge
Ilythiirraspw Drowish
In'loil Piece
In'loilfrey Shard
In'owail Pieces
In'tuil Amount
Inalarn Impatient
Inbal Have (to)
Inbaln't Haven't
Inbaln't Haven't
Inbalus Had
Inbau Get (to)
Inbauin Getting
Indar Similar
Indarae Opposite
Indo Mood
Indola Moody
Ingaer Quality
Inglot Good
Inglot Selly
Ingorr'tluk Respect
Inhiril Priorly
Inhirst Already
Inhirt Afore
Inhirt Before
Inlul Small
Inlul'cal Olive
Inlul'quar Imp
Insaha Poking
Insiga Begin (to)
Insiga Start (to)
Insigan Beginning
Insigan Starting
Insigat Begun
Insigat Started
Inth Plan
Inth Program
Inth Scheme
Inth Stratagem
Inthel Rebel (to)
Inthel'og Rebellious
Inthen Schemes
Inthigg Agreement
Inthigg Treaty
Inthoenr Incoming
Inthuul Cold
Inthuulur Colder
Inthuulurl Coldest
Intoothttl Dragoon
Inturi Tells
Inzil Feedback
Inzil Information
Inzormit Generation
Iolin Wonder
Iolos Wonderful
Iqualment Simultaneous
Irr'jahk Reality
Ishrass'ur Tolerant
Isilme Moonlight
Isintol Interest
Issluilling Collarbone
Issluilling Collarbones
Ist'a Vain
Istotim Night
Istollatim Nightfall
Istra'armesh Armed conflict
It'x Items
Itami Begin
Itami Start
Ith'arl Fully
Ivress Fingers
Iwaotc Person
Iwaotc'l Personal
Iz' As(shortened)
Izfereth Teleport (to)
Izfereth Teleporter
Izil Able (to be)
Izil As(often shortened to iz' or 'zil)
Izil Be able (to)
Izilt Appreciate (to)
Izilt Like
Izilted Appreciated
Izin Allow (to)
Izine Allows
Izwin Known
Izyn Let
Izznar'niar Pond
Izznar'niaren Ponds
Izznarg Large
J'nesstttl Woman
Ja'hai Accept (to)
Ja'hai'n Accepting
Ja'hai-na Accepted
Ja'haie Accepts
Jaael Scratch (to)
Jabar Treacherous
Jabbil Countless
Jabbil Numberless
Jabbilid Amount
Jabbilid Number
Jabbressttl Mistress (female in charge of some task or office)
Jabbuckttl Master
Jabbuckessttl Miss (female)
Jabbuckessttl Mistress
Jabbukttl Master (male in charge of some task or office)
Jabbuk del Arristttl Chief-editor
Jabplynn Error
Jaed Ignorant
Jahk Simple
Jahkam'lech Simplicity
Jak'li Elite
Jakluth Seeming
Jal All
Jal'klar Anywhere
Jal'yur Already
Jala Any
Jalamzild Anymore
Jalbol Anything
Jalbyr Another
Jalilttl Female (gender)
Jalil'vedirttl Mounted fighter
Jalilenttl Females (gender)
Jalkhel Anybody
Jallasat Tolerate
Jallilttl Lady
Jalukttl Male (gender)
Jalukulttl Males
Jalus Entire
Jalusin Although
Jalusin Entirety
Jaluss Anyone
Jamaj Unimportant
Jank Type
Jas Top
Jasha Were
Jatha'la Big
Jatha'laurl Biggest
Jatha'ur Bigger
Jehanttl Father
Jehanattl Mother
Jejik Maw
Jerod Entitles
Jess Fang
Jesshc Fangs
Jhal But
Jhinrae Wine
Jhun Rune
Jhunai Runes
Ji So
Jiala Laugh
Jiala'in Laughing
Jialae Laughs
Jiaol Avoid
Jiaol Shun
Jier Hating
Jihard Stick
Jiku Rend
Jilspw Jade
Jilatu Con (fraud)
Jilatu Confraud
Jilatu Fiddle
Jilorbbspw Jade spider
Jiluk Read (to)
Jiluk Reading
Jiluk-khazel Translate (to)
Jiluk-khazen Translation
Jimkal Loser
Jindurn Face
Jindurnen Faces
Jinique Property
Jiniquiln Properties
Jintoor Number
Jiole Cool
Jiv'elganttl Torturer
Jiv'elgg Torture (to)
Jiv'ressttl Torturer
Jiv'undus Pain
Jiv'undus Pain (to severe)
Jiv'undus Severe pain (to)
Jiv'xund Stress (to)
Jiv'xunden Stresses
Jivv Amuse (to)
Jivv Play (amusing or cruelty)
Jivv Play (to)
Jivven'drend Entertain (to)
Jivvenn Plays
Jivviim Harm
Jivviim Hurt (to)
Jivviimil Hurted
Jivviimin Hurting
Jivviimir Hurts
Jivvin Amusing
Jivvin Amusing fun
Jivvin Animal spirits
Jivvin Cruelty fun
Jivvin Cruelty play
Jivvin Fun (amusing or cruelty)
Jivvin Play
Jivvinspw Amusing cruelty play
Jivvinbolttl Toy
Jivvuln Played
Jivvust Playing
Jjuna Standing
Jjunle Shades
Jlha'zen Gnome
Jor Rat
Jora Rats
Joril Junk
Joris Assistance
Joros Ask (to)
Jorosin Asking
Jous Show
Jouse Shows
Jousus Showed
Jresh Scatter
Juba Total
Juba'ss Integrity
Jugare Okee
Juloienmtim June(6)
Junisol Congratulations
Jurhi'x Growth
Jusith Flask
Jusron Wrath
Juss'a Quest
Jusst Questionable fact
Jutil-harlntim Winter(IV)
Jyzumar Space
K'alf Direct
K'hilttl Non-believer
K'jakr Still
K'lar Area
K'lar Location
K'lar Place
K'lararl Pass
K'shish Elvish
Ka If
Ka'lith Mercy
Ka'lum Clan
Kaas Name
Kaaseel Names
Kahupict Thootpick
Kahwaqu' Hand-crossbow
Kahzet Accord
Kal'daka Wolf
Kaliath' Merciful
Kalyar Illuminate (to)
Kalye Illuminates
Kalyin Illuminating
Kalyza Illumination
Kampi'un Understand (to)
Kampi'une Understands
Kampi'unin Understanding
Kampi'unus Understood
Kanarvan Longsword
Kaoveh Cousin
Karadi Link
Karilar Purify (to)
Karile Purifies
Karilin Purifying
Karilth Purity
Karilus Purified
Karinius Official
Karliik Head
Karliiken Heads
Karoth Slaver
Karral Swirl
Karth Glory
Karthin Glorious
Kasu Motivation
Kasu Purpose
Kasu Reason
Kat Didn't
Katrill Slaughter (to)
Katrillen Slaughtered
Katrillzecce Slaughtering
Kaztirth Cries
Kcisl Glunk
Ke Indeed
Ke'brei Breaker
Ke'hl'ash Bounty
Keer Taught
Keeshe Dagger
Keeshen Daggers
Keffal Seen
Kel'narttl Dad
Kel'tahk Invincible
Kelia Bored
Kelliat Dagger
Kenoth Fake (to)
Ker'nar Add (to)
Ker'narad Added
Keradsh Aback
Kerath Carnage
Kernosst Suddenly
Kerolrac Oger
Kertest Wash (to)
Kesra Ravage (to)
Kestal Hope
Kestan Full of hope
Kev Drop (to)
Keven Drops
Kghret Pleasent
Khal Foolish trust (to)
Khal Misplaced trust (to)
Khal Trust (to) (especially misplaced or foolish)
Khaless Foolish trust
Khaless Misplaced trust
Khaless Trust (especially misplaced or foolish)
Khalessev Trusted
Khaliizi Stone
Khalith Courage
Khalithan Courageous
Khalithane Courageously
Khall Trusted
Khall'abbil Trusted friend
Khazel True
Khazid'hea Cutter
Khel Body
Khluryar Judge (to)
Khluryare Judges
Khluryin Judging
Khlurysten Judgement
Khluryus Judged
Khowz Slob
Khr'uss Certainly
Khruste Certain
Khurzoan Worthier
Khurzon Worthy
Khurzuil Worthiest
Khyrpua Harmful
Ki'kiheri Adolesent
Kiaransaleedty Mistress of vengeance, Overlord of the undead
Kiel Slow
Kikkamm Sickle
Kil'dobar Counterfeit
Killian Sword
Killianen Swords
Kiril Her(2)
Kirilen Hers(3)
Kirust Herself(s)
Kissa Swiftly
Kitrye Half
Kivvilrac Surfacer
Kivvin Surfacers
Kizil Transport
Kke Rude
Kku Finish (to)
Kkublyn'tantim Weekend
Kkuuth Finished
Kl'ae Use (to)
Kl'aein Using
Kl'eril Useless
Kla'ath Serve (to)
Kla'athin Serving
Klath'ra Service
Kleel Important
Klen'ne Doctor
Klev Tool
Klew'artim Moment
Klew'kintim Hour
Klew'kinnentim Hours
Klew'nortim Minute
Klez Thing
Klezn Things
Klithophe Tangling
Klu'chud Spawn
Kluchud'ssussuncol Color
Kluth Seem (to)
Kluthak Seems
Klyth Tangle
Klythmaril Entangling
Kmindu Indomitable
Knan Grow (to)
Knanin Growing
Knif Glow (to)
Knif'rt Glowing
Ko Uh
Koaj Disaster
Kolrac Kobold
Kolnrac Kobolds
Kopel Fugly
Kor Anger
Kor'in Furry
Kor'inth Rage (to)
Korishi Knock (to)
Korit'al Snow (to)
Korriless Vaguely
Korrle Vague
Kostith Holding
Kr'athin Ready
Kr'athina Readiness
Kraltok Taco
Kre'j Begin (to)
Kre'jil Beginning
Kre'tantim Morning
Kreth'el Regret
Kreth'el Repent
Kri'sha Cover (to)
Kri'shain Covering
Krik'vlicss Tears
Kristass Instant
Krithyjttl Murderess
Krrja Puzzle (to)
Krrjat Puzzled
Kruen Dig (to)
Kruenzal Dust
Kruk State
Kry'stona Place of caves
Ktonosttl Slayer
Ku'lam Rise (to)
Ku'nal Faithful
Ku'resht Name-call (to)
Ku'reshtin Epithet
Kuk Staff
Kul'gobsula Prison
Kul'gobuss Captive
Kul'gobussttl Prisoner
Kulauk Drool
Kulg Actual blockage
Kulg Block (to)
Kulg Blockage (to will or actual blockage)
Kulg Debris in a passage
Kulg Debris in a shaft
Kulg Hitch
Kulg Snag
Kulggen Barrier
Kulggen Dam
Kulggen Deliberate rampart
Kulggen Rampart
Kulggen Shield
Kulith Feelings
Kult Rule (to) (control)
Kult'ressinttl Ruler
Kult'ressinenttl Rulers
Kultar Rules
Kumarac Kobold
Kumanrac Kobolds
Kus Send (to)
Kuttra Mushroom
Kuttran Mushrooms
Kuuv Dare (to)
Ky'hul Cloth
Ky'huras Clothing
Ky'ostal Armor (magical or physical)
Ky'ostal Magical armor
Ky'ostal Physical armor
Ky'ov'aer Magic wards
Ky'ov'aer Magical wards (esp. of a house)
Ky'ov'aer Wards (esp. of a house)
Kyarrin Happens
Kyikh Age
Kyil Dart
Kyilen Darts
Kylara Lethal
Kyon Care (to)
Kyona Carefulness
Kyona Wariness
Kyone Alert (to)
Kyone Alertly
Kyone Careful
Kyone Carefully
Kyone Warily
Kyone Wary
Kyor Saw
Kyor'ol Expect (to)
Kyorl Guard (to)
Kyorl See (to)
Kyorl Wait (to)
Kyorl Watch (to)
Kyorlttl Guard
Kyorl'n Witnesses
Kyorl'urn Watchful
Kyorle Guards
Kyorle Protects
Kyorlen Watchers
Kyorli Watcher
Kyorlin Guarding
Kyorlin Seeing
Kyorlin Waiting
Kyorlin Watching
Kyreshorl Obvious
Kyreshorlh Obviously
Kyuvr Breed (to)
Kyuvrem Breeding
Kzzo Blah
L' The(shortend)
L'amith Enjoy
L'ashm Armada
L'elamshin Destiny
L'elend Traditional
L'erakspw Falcon
L'eralk Forum
L'essnil Wench
L'ikranzh Thence
L'inya Gaze
L'inyar Gazes
L'inyin Gazing
L'inyus Gazed
L'lonna Wither
L'lonneal Withered
L'puul Foul
L'quack Countenance
L'sith Address
L'thirac Animal
La'ur Knee
La'uren Knees
Lac Seek (to)
Lac'na Seeks
Lac'nala Seeker
Lac'nou Seeking
Ladir Ladder
Lael 8
Lael Eight
Laelar 8th
Laelar Eighth
Laelszith 80
Laelszith Eighty
Laelszithar 80th
Laelszithar Eightieth
Laie Yea
Lam Steady
Lam'ne Steadily
Lamin Shines
Laminsr Shinning
Lamur Steadier
Lamurl Steadiest
Lani Keeper
Lanke Lake
Lann Wear (to)
Lanne Wears
Lannin Wearing
Lannus Wore
Laoles Praised
Lar Call (to)
Lar Summon (to)
Lar'aen Summoning
Lar'ild Calling
Larnde Lavender
Lasinian Sheath
Lasse Leaf
Lassen Leaves
Lassrinn Break (to)
Lassrinn Tame (to)
Lassrinnb Tamed
Lassrinneh Taming
Lassrinnuss Tamer
Lauske Hair
Lawat Table
Le'i Kin
Leihana tu'saiphr Thank you very much
Leith Fish
Lentan Smirk
Leranphr Hail
Lerg Baby
Leril Praise (to)
Lerut'l Coal
Lest Lets
Leza Bit (to)
Lgor Figure (to)
Lgoruth Figured
Ligah Native
Ligrrttl Girl
Ligrrabbilttl Girlfriend
Liiko Wax
Likith Jammer
Lil The(often shortened to l')
Lil Olath Jallildty Dark lady (the) - goddess of the night, mystery and unknown
Lil Olath Jallildty The dark lady - goddess of the night, mystery and unknown
Lilbh'iahin Joy
Lilbh'iahinen Joys
Linath Song
Linathen Songs
Lince'sattl Pet
Linddilrac Lizardman
Lindu Sing
Lindua Sings
Linel Suffer (to)
Linelat Pain
Linoindir West
Lintaguth Platter
Lintaguth Platter
Linth'el Cauldron
Lintharttl Bard
Lintharen Bards
Linthel Melody
Linthelea Melodious
Linthelen Melodies
Linthre Brazier
Lish Super
Lisse' Harmony
Lisse'lea Harmonious
Literaw Abash
Lith'lossta Intimate
Litra Word
Litrada Wording
Litran Language
Llaar Really
Llanathtim Presence
Llar 3
Llar Three
Llar'ena Thrice
Llarhttl Babe
Llarl Adamantine
Llarlspw Adamantine arm
Llarnbuss 3rd
Llarnbuss Third
Llarszith 30
Llarszith Thirty
Llarszithael 38
Llarszithael Thirty-eight
Llarszithal 39
Llarszithal Thirty-nine
Llarszithar 30th
Llarszithar Thirtieth
Llarszithdra 32
Llarszithdra Thirty-two
Llarszithla 33
Llarszithla Thirty-three
Llarszithlyn 37
Llarszithlyn Thirty-seven
Llarszithraun 36
Llarszithraun Thirty-six
Llarszithuel 35
Llarszithuel Thirty-five
Llarszithuen 34
Llarszithuen Thirty-four
Llarszithus 31
Llarszithus Thirty-one
Lle'isgar Rising
Lle'warin Miss (to)
Lle'warinil Missed
Llentol Quietly
Llieh Perfect
Llinshin Lunch
Llothdty Loethe, Lolth, the queen of spiders - goddess of the Drow
Llothdty The queen of spiders - goddess of the Drow
Lloun Art (to)
Lloun'azttl Artist
Llye Line
Lo'laroxspw Phoenix
Lodiasrac People
Lodtyn Weave
Lodtyna Weaver
Lodtyne Weaves
Lodtynin Weaving
Lodtynus Wove
Loethedty Lolth, Lloth, the queen of spiders - goddess of the Drow
Loff'ta Happy
Loff'tarien Happiness
Loktriamttl Guy
Lolthdty Lloth, Loethe, the queen of spiders - goddess of the Drow
Loniar Wet (to)
Lor Look (to)
Lor'spw Oxygen
Loril Looked
Lorith Looking
Lorrelm Air
Lorrelm Element Air
Lorug Tree
Lorugen Trees
Lorulm Wood
Losva Thumb
Losval Thumbs
Lotha Little
Lsyt Sly
Lu' And(shortened)
Lu'oh How
Lualyrrdty Goddess of males and renegades
Luen Either
Luentdir East
Lueth And
Lueth And(often shortened to lu')
Luf'la Plan (to)
Lukkil Ratman
Lul Stray
Lutan By
Luth Cast (to)
Luth Hurl (to)
Luth Throw (to)
Luth'ol Javelin
Luth'ol Spear
Luthe Casts
Luthin Tossers
Luthk Thrown
Luthlyl Crowns
Luthtar Gladly
Ly'ryus Letter
M'elzarttl Mage
M'elzaren Mages
M'garr Midgard
M'lyl Mylyl
M'ranndiittl Husband
M'ranndiittl Mate
M'rstirans From now on
M'sig Music
M'thainttl Priest
M-arl'ek Marlek
Maav'at Ignorance
Madari Signal
Maeertol Regain
Maelthrarac Dragon (young)
Magdelath Glimpse
Maglust Alone
Maglust Apart
Magthereins Generic institute
Magthereins Institute (generic)
Magthereins School
Magtheresins Schools
Magzil Also
Mal Fights
Mal'ai Idiot
Mal'rak Forever
Mala Manners
Malar Fight (to)
Malarin Fighting
Malaruth Fought
Maligore Crafty
Malilnttl Artisan
Malilnttl Artist
Mallattl Honored (a term of respect preceding a title)
Malles Honor (to)
Malles Honour (to)
Mallid Worship (to)
Mamulen Chest
Manesu Spiteful
Manner Valor
Mapat'drachim Map
Mar'ius Extreme
Maral Storm
Maraltim May(5)
Marala Storms
Maristotim Tonight
Marofke Bell
Marquathrowspw Target
Martheo Situation
Masunst Injured
Mauhni Compel (to)
Mauhnie Compels
Mauhnin Compelling
Mauhnius Compelled
Maunar Spend (to)
Maune Spends
Maunech Burden
Maunin Spending
Maunq'a Whether
Maunus Spent
Maurna Boat
May'salkiriiss Nightshadow
Mayar Chance
Mayoe Maybe
Mechrola Swallow (to)
Medose Harder
Medosek Early
Medrittl Deathbringer
Mei'q Trade (to)
Meifft Balance
Meijahttl Mistress
Meijhana Beloved (slang)
Meijhana Pretty one (slang)
Melaer Fight with magic
Melaer Fighting (magical)
Melaer Fighting with magic
Melaer Magic fight
Melaer Magical fighting
Meldrin Adore (to)
Meldrine Adores
Meldrinin Adoring
Meldrinus Adored
Melee Fight with weapons
Melee Fighting
Melee Fighting hand-to-hand
Melee Fighting with weapons
Melee Hand-to-hand fight
Melee Weapon fight
Melee-magthereins Academy of warfare
Melee-magthereins Warfare (academy of)
Mem Stomach
Menah Wide
Menvis Path
Menvissen Paths
Meun Form
Micamerttl Ma'am
Mii'n Means
Mildrin Single
Mimun Weaken
Minasien Mystic
Minasienal Mystical
Mir Hold (to)
Mir To hold
Mir'cahallin Jar
Mir'plyspw Fluffy
Mir't Pulled
Miralokspw Falcon
Mirar Holds
Mirinar Roast
Mirshannrac Angel
Mirye Seldom
Mistrust Naukhaless
Mithcol Grey
Mithuth Sin
Mitild Project
Miulk'ars Minions
Mizil'ra Matters
Mizil'ros Questions
Ml'aen Sight (to)
Ml'aenus Sighted
Moila Happens
Molerngothspw Dragonclaw
Molo Wraith
Mon'tu Point (to)
Monildtim Year
Mora Act (to)
Morad Action
Mordivvin Mock
Morfel Made
Morfelith Making
Morfeth Make (to)
Morfethe Makes
Morn'lo Heat
Morngha Gloomy
Mortath Maker
Mrann d'ssinssttl Male lover
Mrannd'ssinssttl Lover (male)
Mri'kul Lock (to)
Mrigg Guide (to)
Mrigg Inspire (to)
Mriggan Guidance
Mrigge Guides
Mriggin Guiding
Mriggus Guided
Mrim'ol Key
Mrimm Inspiration
Mrimm Inspire
Mrimm Key
Mrimmttl Guide
Mrimm d'ssinssttl Female lover
Mrimm d'ssinssttl Lover (female)
Mrimmal Inspire
Mru'nga Encourage
Mru'ngae Encourages
Mru'ngain Encouraging
Mru'shka Tempt
Mua Foe
Muatrix Matrix
Mufigatim Yesterday
Mufotim Tomorrow
Mumbaro Move
Mumbaroe Moves
Murrpau Cat
Murrpau Feline
Murrpau'n Cats
Murrpau'n Felines
Muth Found
Myar Bad
Myber Would
Mylan Got
Mylthar Devour
Mynal Less
Mynas Least
Myrlochspw Astral
Myrlocharspw Soul spider (minion of Lloth)
Myrxle Miracle
Mzil Many
Mzild More
Mziln Additional
Mziln Also
Mziln Extra
Mzilst Most
Mzilt Much
Mzuld Less
Mzuld Lesser
Mzulst Least
N'abyl Testicles
N'belaern Debt
N'corda Contract
N'kyorl Await (to)
N'kyorlin Awaiting
N'nehr Less
N'shtyl Slightest
N'tel'quessairttl Alien
N'tel'quessairttl Foreigner
N'tel'quessairttl Outsider
N'tel'quessairnttl Aliens
N'tel'quessairnttl Foreigners
N'tel'quessairnttl Outsiders
N'tol Vicious
Na'cerothttl Barbarian
Na'eroth Trembling
Na'rescho Uneasy
Na'ur Hip
Na'uren Hips
Na-phul Are not
Na-phul Aren't
Naak'e Jealous
Nacta Pierce (to)
Nacta'in Piercing
Nadorhuanttl Coward
Nakzr Other
Nalt'chaxxan Murderous
Namba Hammer
Namban Hammers
Naqualla Displease
Narrac Wich
Nar'harcan Vendetta
Nar'hethi Vengence
Narikiarac Nymph
Narisil Void
Narit Current
Narkuth Scroll
Narrakan Shy
Nasan Affiliations
Nat'raeth Connected
Nat'tuk Gin
Natha A(seldom used, except for emphasis)
Natha An(seldom used, except for emphasis)
Nau No
Nau'shind Forbid
Nau'shindcal Fruit
Nau'shindin Forbidding
Nau'vin Unusual
Nau'vine Unusually
Nau- -less(opposite)
Nau- Dis- (opposite)
Nau- Un- (opposite)
Nau-cogniran Forgotten
Nau-cognirr Forget (to)
Nau-cognirus Forgot
Nau-daska Wrong
Nau-druzen Unnatural
Nau-druzenan Unnaturally
Nau-fodam Content
Nau-fodam Happy
Nau-ilharessttl Virgin
Nau-ilharnttl Bastard
Nau-wunil Without
Nau-zhahesh Quiet
Naubol Nothing
Naucrup Blameless
Naudal Across
Naudros Empty
Naukhaless'urn Mistrustful
Naukhelttl Nobody
Nauphlyle Claimless
Nauqualla Displease
Nauqualla Displease (to)
Naur Hip
Nauritz Valueless
Naurka Harsh
Nausbyr Neither
Nausfi Nonsense
Nausrigg'tul Displeasure
Naust None
Nausura Naked
Naut Not
Naut'kyn Blind
Naut'shinder Forbidden
Naut-daska Left
Naut-elghinyrrrac Undead
Nautil None
Nautya Hostile
Nauvost Ceaseless
Nauwilifra Nice
Nauxahuu Refuse (to)
Nauxxizz Helpless
Nauxxizzna Helplessly
Nazil Hear (to)
Nazild Heard
Ne'enuvar Waterlily
Ne'has're Clothes (New-ones)
Ne'has're New clothes
Ne'kales Caution
Ne'kales Distrust (to)
Ne'kalsa Intelligent
Ne'kalsa Not trusting
Ne'kalsa Smart
Ne'kalsa Trusting (not -)
Ne'kaluth Intelligent
Ne'kaluth Smart
Neantak Void
Nec'perya Sanctuary
Neccasalmor'ttl Necromancer
Neccasalmor'enttl Necromancers
Nedeirra Sweatdance
Neera Becomes
Neerrh Salvage
Neeveembeetim November(11)
Nei Empress
Neitar Never
Nekttl Slut
Nelgeth Forgive (to) (very rarely used)
Nelgetha Forgiveness (very rarely used)
Nelgetha Pardon (very rarely used)
Nelgethaun Forgiven (very rarely used)
Nelid' Tentacle
Nempori Ugly
Nempori'phishcol Magenta
Nereth'ul Dictionnary
Nerhawok Magnum
Nesstttl Man
Nesstrenttl Men
Nevri Adventure (to)
Nevrin Adventuring
Nez Win (to)
Nezcau'bol Benefit
Nezdous Prevail
Nezmuth Won
Ni' fuer Beg (to)
Ni' fuer Plead (to)
Niarelm Element Water
Niarelm Water
Niar'haanin River
Niar'uuthli Teal
Niarenelm Waters
Nibele Game
Nibeless Games
Nictus Hopping
Nicushacahme Enlightened
Nienar Mourn (to)
Nienare Mourns
Nigunti'kar Genitals
Niir'l Tear
Nikattl Stranger
Nikittl Strangers
Nilah Misery
Nintim Now
Nintim Present(time)
Nin'jahr Thus
Nina Them(3)
Nind They(1)
Nindel That
Nindol This
Nindolen These
Nindyn Those
Nint Theirs(2)
Nint Them
Ninta Their(4)
Nintan Themselves(s)
Nir' el Bath
Nirgonttl Madman
Niss'nir Lack
Nixm'io She'll
Niyar Weep (to)
Niye Weeps
Niyin Weeping
Nizzik Sharpen (to)
Nizzikef Sharpened
Nizzikin Sharpening
Nizziknir Sharpener
Nizzre' Lightning
Nizzrel Electricity
Nizzrel Lightning
Nl'gnos Missile
Nna'biss Tug
Nnabiss Pull
Noa Lose
Noalith Neutral
Noama Loss
Noamantra Casualty
Noamantra Victim
Noamuth Lost
Noamuthttl Unknown
Noamuthttl Wanderer
Noden Shallow
Nodven Necessary
Nodven'lech Necessity
Noqu'os Straight
Noriam Count (to)
Norrs Mouth
Nos'tangitim Birthday
Nos'tangintim Birthdays
Nossta Birth
Nosstan Births
Nota'man Devil
Nou'hai Concern
Nrunn Bore
Nrunnin Boring
Nrunnkel Boredom
Nu-enble Can not
Nu-enble Can't
Nu-enble Cannot
Nug'ri Hungry
Nuij Fiend
Nulint Wide
Num're Sail
Numbt'st Egotistical
Numl Sad
Numl'esstu Sadness
Nuor Roll (to)
Nuore Rolls
Nuorin Rolling
Nuorus Rolled
Nutariecol Green
Nuw Jaw
Nuwei Jaws
Nwn't Untold
Ny Covet
Nygurath Powerfull
Nyln Coveted
Nym'uer Hear (to)
Nym'uere Hears
Nym'uerin Hearing
Nym'uerus Heard
Nyrr Coveting
Nyth-nythal Bigger
Nyth-nythal Larger
Nythal Big
Nythal Large
Nythe Floor
Nythin Ettin
Nzet Neat
O'dadttl Druid
O'goth Heal
O'gothe Heals
Obok High
Obok'ssusstim Noon
Obokur Higher
Obokurl Highest
Obriza Break (to)
Obsalin Spout (to)
Obsu'arl Trapdoor
Obsul Chink
Obsul Door
Obsul Gap
Obsul Open
Obsul Opening (noun)
Obsul'e Portal
Obsul'ress Level
Obsula Gate
Obsula Gateway
Obsulis Gates
Ocan Mole
Occur Incident
Ocenaricol Blue
Octobretim October(10)
Ofil'nisha Clothes
Og'elend Heretic
Og'elendttl Non-follower of Lloth
Og'elendttl Traitor
Og'elendar Heresy
Og'elendar Opposition to Lloth's will
Og'elendar Treason
Ogglin Enemy
Ogglin Opponent
Ogglin Rival
Ogglinn Enemies
Ogglinn Opponents
Ogglinn Rivals
Ogglinnar Enemies
Ogglir Oppose (to)
Ogglir Rival (to)
Ogglirin Rivaling
Oglit Evil
Oglit Unselly
Ogrim Reaper
Oirna Eternal
Ojilt Where
Okist Whether
Ol It(1)
Ol uriu It's (it has)
Ol zhah It's (it is)
Ol'elg Assassinate (to)
Ol'elg Kill by treachery (to)
Ol'elghinn Assassination
Ol'elghinn Death by treachery
Olartae Tentacle-rod
Olartaespw Lesser tentacle rod
Olath Dark
Olath'yukincol Brown
Olathur Darker
Olathurl Darkest
Olis'inth Conspiracy
Olis'inth Plot
Olis'inthen Plots
Olis'inthigg Coup
Olist Caution
Olist Stealth
Olister Acquire
Olograc Troll
Ologenrac Trolls
Oloth Darkness (natural or magical)
Oloth Magical darkness
Oloth Natural darkness
Olothcol Black
Olothziluft Obsidian
Olplyenttl Thieves
Olplynttl Thief
Olplynir Steal (to)
Olt Its(2)
Olta It(3)
Olta Its(4)
Oltan Itself(s)
Olva Plant (to)
Omegarialt Abandonment
Omrilk Laughed
Onhasta Dedicated
Onhir Worship (to)
Onhire Worships
Onhirin Worshipping
Onnhar Loan (to)
Onnharin Loaning
Onnhe Loans
Onnhil Loaner
Onnhillen Loaners
Onnhus Loaned
Ontar Negotiate (to)
Ontare Negotiates
Ontaress Negotiator
Ontaressen Negotiators
Ontarin Negotiating
Ontarus Negotiated
Ooble' Tongue
Oolosspw Fools
Op'elg Thief (to)
Op'elgttl Pirate
Op'elgin Piracy
Op'elgin Thieving
Op'lin Spilt
Opholudou Fascinating
Or'aspw Money
Or'shael Sacrifical
Or'shanse Sacrifice (to)
Or'shansein Sacrificing
Or'shansene Sacrifices
Or'shausedus Sacrificial
Orbbspw Spider
Orbbcressspw Spiderweb
Orbben Spiders
Orbdrin Mask (to)
Orbdrinspw Spider mask
Orbdrinus Masked
Oreb Raven
Ori'gato Let (to)
Orior Prepare (to)
Orisnttl Men
Oristttl Man
Orl'nak Pillow
Orlenggin Altar
Orlengginspw Sacrificial altar
Orlime Dreary
Orlingg Bed
Orn Shall (to)
Orn Will (to)
Orn'la Would
Orofarne Dwelling
Orofarnen Dwellings
Orrl Scorpion
Orshal Challice
Orshalspw Sacrificial chalice
Ortelanth Pray (to)
Ortelanthe Prays
Ortelanthin Praying
Ortelassa Prayer
Ortelassan Prayers
Orthae Holy
Orthae Sacred
Orthae orbb sargtlinttl Paladin of Lloth
Orthagyn Redeem (to)
Orthagyne Redeems
Orthagynin Redeeming
Orthagynus Redeemed
Orthagyrrh Redemption
Orthelanthus Prayed
Orvelvespw Sacrificial spider dagger
Orvulae Stiletto
Ou'tix Actually
Oubran Loudly
Oubwael Goodness
Ouhyll Match
Oukke Rudely
Oura Tiger
Oushilz Shock (to)
Oushilzd Perturbed
Oushilzd Shocked
Oushrtim Hour
Oushrtim Period
Ouvalyrin Kindness
Ouwaela Foolishness
Ozam Ship
P'leik Suffering
P'los Before
P'luin After
P'luinda Afterward
P'luvt Prey (to)
P'obon Mark (to)
P'wal Because
Pa'das Panther
Pahntar Open (to)
Pahntaren Opening
Pahnte Opens
Pahntus Opened
Paken Took
Pand Include (to)
Pande Includes
Pandin Including
Pandus Included
Parfir Carry (to)
Parth Lawn
Paslin Should
Paxil Decay
Peehineri Playful
Penisspw Platinum
Per'llas Irresistible
Pera'dene Scapegoat
Peri'sol Perish
Perid Infiltrate
Perintim Time
Pes'cis Spice
Petrad Little
Petrad Short
Petrad Small
Petran Shorter
Petran Smaller
Pezon Seal
Ph' Are(shortened)
Phalar Battle-marker
Phalar Grave
Phalar Marker (of a battle)
Phalar Tomb
Philth Despise
Phindar Dangerous (being, especially a non-intelligent one)
Phindar Dangerous being (especially a non-intelligent creature)
Phindar Dangerous non-intelligent being
Phindar Dangerous non-intelligent creature
Phindar Non-intelligent dangerous being
Phindar Non-intelligent dangerous creature
Phindarttl Monster
Phishcol Red
Phla'ta Terrible
Phlith Despise
Phlith Hate (to)
Phlithe Hates
Phlithus Hated
Phlyle Claim (to)
Phlynn Claims
Phlyou Claiming
Phlyus Claimed
Pholest Uphold
Pholod Onto
Pholor On
Pholor Upon
Pholor Upon
Pholor'katri Onslaught
Pholorinst Upcoming
Pholud Fascinate (to)
Pholudeq Fascinated
Phor Above
Phor Over
Phor Up
Phor'uma Overstay
Phor'umaus Overstayed
Phord Read
Phorquarn Mess (to)
Phorquarn Spill (to)
Phorz'hinurttl Renegade
Phraktosspw Gods
Phreng Realm
Phrengen Realms
Phu' Are(shortened)
Phuul Are(often shortened to ph' or phu')
Pi'rescho Easily
Pict Pick (to)
Pictin Picking
Pidoa Weirdest
Pielch Stab (to)
Pilarin Foul
Pirkuloitte Looting
Piryr Breathe
Piwafwi Cloak (magical)
Piwafwi Magical cloak
Plak'laspw Gold
Plak'la'la Golden
Plazirr Cave
Plesha Yet
Plica Neck
Plinin Taken
Plinn Take
Plinnen Takes
Plithou Hateful
Plithut Hatred
Ply'usaerth Hold for ransom (to)
Ply'usaerth Kidnap (to)
Ply'usaerth Ransom
Ply'uss Arrest (to)
Ply'uss Capture (to)
Ply'ussiln Captivate
Ply'ussilnaa Captivating
Plyken Buy (to)
Plynn Catch (to)
Plynn Seize
Plynn Take (to)
Plynnet Taken
Plynnil Write (to)
Plynnir Have (to)
Plynnir Having
Plynnith Writen
Plynnithus Writing
Plyussk Captor
Plyussq Captive
Polah Swab
Poop Stoop
Poria Yeild
Pragray'l Paranoid
Praxas Close (to)
Praxas Dear
Prezgir Recruitment
Priqual Problem
Priqualen Problems
Probil Threat
Prokan Bring (to)
Prokan Lead (to)
Prollusskttl Boys
Psught Independence
Ptau'a Attend (to)
Ptau'al Attention
Ptau'ro Distraction
Puis'tary Unfortunately
Puisin Pussy
Puisne Pussy
Q'zakyttl Mom
Qee Fast
Qee'lak Quick
Qeeh Faster
Qeesuaco Whirlwind
Qloav Lips
Qlov Lip
Qo Clip
Qos Dread (to)
Qos'su Dreading
Qosou Dreaded
Qreec Immense
Qu'abbanttl House agent (sometimes used for non-house agent)
Qu'el'faerukttl House wizard
Qu'el'sarukttl House weapons master
Qu'el'velgukttl House assassin
Qu'elaerukttl Sorcerer
Qu'elasspw Home
Qu'elatspw Residence
Qu'elilukttl Househunter
Qu'ellarspw House
Qu'ellarspw House (of a titled noble family)
Qu'ellarspw Noble house
Qu'ellarspw Titled noble house
Qu'ellarttl House (noble)
Qu'ellar'zorl Overcaverns
Qu'ellarilttl Renegade
Qu'esh Cult
Qu'essttl Prince
Qu'essanttl Princess
Qu'essin Person
Qu'hazir Barracks
Qu'hazir Quarters
Qu'ilinsarspw House insignia
Qu'madonestttl Sailor
Qu'mados Sea
Qu'madosfa Aquatic
Qu'madosfan Ocean
Qu'rea Timid
Qu'reane Timidly
Qu'reanurl Timidness
Qu'rearn Timidity
Qu'za Abode
Qu'zenasspw Domicile
Qua' val-sharessttl Goddess (Lloth)
Qua'l Agree (to)
Qua'lae Disagree (to)
Qua'laelay Arguement
Qua'laelay Confrontation (not yet open conflict)
Qua'laelay Confrontations (not yet open conflict)
Qua'laelay Disagreement
Qua'laelay Disagreements
Qua'laelay Not yet open conflict
Qua'laelayen Arguments
Qua'laen Against
Qua'val-sharessttl Goddess - Lloth
Quae Demented
Qualla Please
Quanth Fill (to)
Quanthe Fills
Quanthin Filling
Quar'valttl God
Quar'valsharessttl Goddess (generic)
Quar'valsharessttl Goddess (other than Lloth)
Quarn Turn (to)
Quarnarin Turning
Quarne Turns
Quarnus Turned
Quarth Authority
Quarth Authority order
Quarth Claim (to)
Quarth Command (to)
Quarth Demand (to)
Quarth Exercise order
Quarth Order (exercise of authority)
Quarth-elghinn Judge
Quarthas Duty
Quarthelghinn Exam (to)
Quarthelghinn Examination
Quarthelghinn Judgement
Quarthelghinn Sentence
Quarthelghinn Verdict
Quarthen Commanded
Quarthen Ordered
Quarthen Service
Quarthes Appropriate
Quarval-sharessttl Goddess (Lloth)
Quarval-sharessttl Goddess (the - Lloth)
Quarvel Contract
Quarvelen Contracted
Quarvelen Contraction
Quarvelen Contractions
Quaz Sell (to)
Queelas Quickly
Quelasspw Home
Quelinan Name
Quellarinspw Castle
Quellin Family
Quellran Part
Quen 4
Quen Four
Quenar 4th
Quenar Fourth
Quengen Linger
Quenszith 40
Quenszith Forty
Quenszithael 48
Quenszithael Forty-eight
Quenszithal 49
Quenszithal Forty-nine
Quenszithar 40th
Quenszithar Fortieth
Quenszithdra 42
Quenszithdra Forty-two
Quenszithla 43
Quenszithla Forty-three
Quenszithlyn 47
Quenszithlyn Forty-seven
Quenszithraun 46
Quenszithraun Forty-six
Quenszithuel 45
Quenszithuel Forty-five
Quenszithuen 44
Quenszithuen Forty-four
Quenszithus 41
Quenszithus Forty-one
Quenszitsin Meter (measurement)
Quill Pen
Quill Pencil
Quin Yet
Quivvedttl Guest
Qunnessaa Fairy
Qunnessaan Fairies
Quor'vlosabattl Soulfriend
Quor'vlosarattl Soulmate
Quoras Beg
Quorin Drown (to)
Quorine Drowns
Quorinhin Drowning
Quortek Soul
Quos Or
Quugh Mar
Quughuth Marred
Quuk Blemish
Quuken Blemishes
Qwe Needle
Qwe'en Needles
Qweoth Needling
R'glin Hooks
R'hulttl Avenger
R'yder Wrestle
Ra'rispw Apocalypse
Ra'tonttl Orphan
Ra'ur Calf
Ra'uren Calves
Raeh'li Fierce
Ragar Discover (to)
Ragar Find (to)
Ragar Uncover (to)
Ragarn Discovered
Ragarn Found
Ragarn Uncoverd
Ragarrl Search (to)
Raghvaril Villain
Raghvarilna Villains
Ragrubahspw Dungeon
Ragrubahn Dungeons
Rah Hand
Rah'fol Handsome
Rahi Hands
Rahkri'sha Glove
Rahkri'shuu Gloves
Raim'xium 1'000'000
Raim'xium Million
Rak'nes Especially
Raldar Strip (to)
Raldarin Stripping
Raldarus Stripped
Ramak Sins
Ramith Nightmares
Ramoth Nightmare
Ranir Change (to)
Ranndek Mates
Ranndil Mate (to)
Ranndilin Mating
Raq'tar Arrive (to)
Raq'tarin Arriving
Raq'te Arrives
Raq'tus Arrived
Rarr Hearts
Rasimf Frustrate (to)
Rasimfe Frustrates
Rasimfein Frustrating
Rasimfus Frustrated
Rasimfusne Frustratedly
Rasimorf Frustration
Rath Back
Rath'argttl Coward
Rath'argh Cowardice
Rath'argh Dishonor (to)
Rath'elg Backstab (to)
Ratha Backs
Rathen Happened
Rathi'dol Backwards
Rathrae Behind
Raur Calf
Ravelse Through
Ravhel 100
Ravhel Hundred
Ravhelar 100th
Ravhelar Hundredth
Ravhelen Hundreds
Raxollelm Element
Raza Slit
Rduj Pott
Re'ew Screw (to)
Rei Fall (to)
Rei'shannttl Archangel
Rei'yiss Falling
Reibe Wall
Reiyal Quite
Rekizir Procurement
Relanin Story
Relanin Tale
Reliq Savage
Rena While
Rena'wen Basalt
Rendan Abyss
Renorcol Black
Repalninkiz Pregnant
Resad Fluid
Resch Ease (to)
Rescho Easy
Rescho'ur Easier
Rescho'url Easiest
Resh'ta-niphr As you would have it
Reshka Returns
Resk'afar Hole
Resk'sultha Penetrate (to)
Ressverd Reserved
Retlah Full
Retlahlgoruth Full-figured
Reval Sing (to)
Reve Pry (to)
Reve Range
Revel Scout
Revelen Show
Revelent Scouts
Revi'n Street
Revis Road
Rewt Fat
Rezl Abdomen
Rezlb Abdomens
Rezlen Mentioned
Rezlet Denial
Reztorm Along
Rhoque Scavenger
Rhoquil Scavengers
Rhseev Receive
Rifhitah Uncomfortable
Riknueth Bitter
Ril Every
Rilbol Everything
Rilkhel Everybody
Rilu'oh However
Riluss Everyone
Rilvel'klar Everywhere
Rin'ov Ever
Rinovdro Immortal
Rinteith Throat
Riss Flash
Rith'tar Sentinel
Ritze Value (to)
Ritzeld Valuable
Ritzelden Valuables
Ritzemme Valuing
Ritzen Values
Ritzou Valued
Rivol Gorrilla
Rivvilrac Human
Rivvil'ha Mankind
Rivvin Common
Rivvinrac Humans
Rnahm Polite
Rodjax'r Dictionary
Roesor Sorrow
Romattl Women
Roo'lar Rouge
Rosa Rain
Rosin Born
Rotarkmal Grilled
Rotharln Slaving
Rothe Cattle
Rothespw Underdark cattle
Rothettl Non-drow slave
Rothettl Slave (esp. non drow)
Rothenttl Non-drow slaves
Rothenttl Slaves (esp. non drow)
Rothrl Obey
Rovu Warg
Rovul Wargs
Roxuc Practical
Roxucul Practically
Rrakke Rudeness
Rraun 6
Rraun Six
Rraunar 6th
Rraunar Sixth
Rraunszith 60
Rraunszith Sixty
Rraunszithar 60th
Rraunszithar Sixtieth
Rrhovor Batter
Rrhovoruth Battered
Rrok Scavenge
Rrokai Scavenging
Rrorrok Hound
Rrorrokmzil Hounds
Rrosa Docks
Rryatan Solve (to)
Rryatanan Solving
Rtillerenth Confidence
Ru'maii In the name of
Ru'shalla-tuphr May it be so
Ruebusan Owing
Ruebusl Owes
Ruebuss Owe (to)
Ruebusu Owed
Ruinay Runaway
Rujhattl Sister (slang)
Rujhottl Brother (slang)
Rujhollattl Sister (formal)
Rujhollittl Brother (formal)
Rul'seloz Disgust (to)
Rul'selozan Disgusting
Rul'seloze Disgusts
Rul'selozus Disgusted
Rul'selozusne Disgustedly
Rumunasinttl Sorceress
Runest Signs
Russtar Exhaust (to)
Russtarin Exhausting
Russtarus Exhausted
Russte Exhausts
Russus Box
Rusvan Banishment
Rusvanar Banish (to)
Rusvane Banishes
Rusvanin Banishing
Rusvanus Banished
Ruulk'na Disturb (to)
Ruulk'nae Disturbs
Ruulk'nain Disturbing
Ruulk'naine Disturbingly
Ruulk'naus Disturbed
Ruzzo'iso Dumb
Rytho'le Deserve
S'argt Guardian
S'ck Sick
S'enar Sort
S'enaren Sorts
S'gos Brave
S'ilnesa Snail
S'incor Periodic
S'lat'halinttl Fighter
S'lozan Slime
S'luge Flay
S'lurpp Curry favor
S'lurpp Fawn
S'lurpp Flatter
S'lurppin Flattering
S'lurppuk Sycophant
S'pdonttl Spellcaster
S'rinelli Succubus
S'ssiron Sassy
S'tharl Sit (to)
S'vir Reminder
S'xor Suck (to)
Sa'ur Shin
Sa'uren Shins
Sabbarin Dazzle
Sadei Fox
Sae'etha Content
Sae'uth Pleased
Sakphenrac Halflings
Sakphulrac Halfling
Salk Dance (to)
Salke Dances
Salkin Dancing
Salkus Danced
Salter Enough
Salzisphr Greetings
Salzisphr Hello
Sanguinerac Vampire
Sanrr Motivation
Sanrr Reason
Sansiss Cruel
Sanwtt Smile (to)
Saph Like (to)
Saphun Liked
Sapphir' Sapphire
Saqos Dreadful
Saqqal Forearm
Saqqaln Forearms
Sar Pin
Sara Wheat
Sarah hamil Camel
Sargh Battle-might
Sargh Confidence in weapons
Sargh Strength-at-arms
Sargh Valor
Sargtlinttl Drow warrior
Sargtlinttl Dungeoneers
Sargtlinttl Warrior
Sargtlinenttl Warriors
Sargtlsinss Warrioress
Sargtlsinssttl Warrioress
Saris Congratulations
Sariya Cloud
Sariyan Clouds
Sarn Beware (to)
Sarn Fear (to)
Sarn Warn
Sarn! Beware!
Sarn! Warning!
Sarn' Warning
Sarn'elgg Punish (to)
Sarnor Swift (to)
Sarol Weapon
Sarol'veldrukttl Weaponmaster
Saroless Weapons
Satiir Feel (to)
Satiira Feels
Saur Shin
Sca'var Scream (to)
Sca'varn Screaming
Schak'gg Reckoned
Sclekuv Eternally
Scra'qyo Scorpions
Screa Learn (to)
Screa'in Learning
Screan Learns
Screus Learned
Sdfghj Yittk
Sea'anttl Hero
Sea'anen Heroes
Sefal Anyways
Sei'lor Set
Seib'n Mix (to)
Seil Solace
Seke Selly
Seke True
Seke'olath Shade
Seke'ssussun Hue
Seke'ssussuni Tint
Sekene Truly
Sekeur Truer
Sekeurl Truest
Sel New
Sel'tur Soft
Sel'turi Softly
Selg'tarn Matter
Selincty City
Selinaettl Citizens
Selinak Civilization
Selinn Nation
Selinncty Cities
Selinnttl Citizen
Selinnae Nations
Selinnat Confederacy
Selinnat Faction
Selvetarmty- Selvetarm (deity)
Sengerttl Lord
Ser Keep (to)
Ser'lech Stupidity
Serisenttl Lovers
Serisottl Lover
Serto Evergreen
Serto'uuthlicol Cyan
Sesmikattl Highness
Setabesoptim September(9)
Sethess Searched
Sevir Leave
Sha'nalt Happen
Sha-rasa Tremble (to)
Shabeull Conquered
Shadow hunter Karandras
Shadrakttl Undead slayer
Shadyr Genius
Shadyrae Genie
Shaiithttl Nameless
Shalh'hataa Parish
Sham'arothspw Unholy
Shanaal Chalice
Shanaal Goblet
Shanaalspw Glass
Shanxxizz Helpful
Shanxxizzul Helpfully
Shaokttl Slug
Shar Mind (to)
Shar'tleg Turn (to)
Sharen Land (to)
Sharorr Throne
Shartahlttl Priest-historian
Sharulgspw Matron's seal
Sharulgspw Royal seal
Shay'la Twinkle (to)
Shcrten Stubborn
Shebalittl Non-noble drow
Shebalittl Rogue
Shee'lot Drunk
Shezqa Stark
Shinder Allowed
Shinduago Surface
Shineria Creep (to)
Shineriasta Creeping
Shinul Occur (to)
Shinule Occurs
Shinulin Occurrence
Shinulinnen Occurrences
Shizir Protection
Shlu'ta Can (to)
Shlubnaut Can not
Shlubnaut Can't
Shlubnaut Cannot
Shosan Chivalry
Shosanzik Chivalrious
Shu Shit
Shu'iblith Dung
Shu'maiittl Sponser
Shuk Market
Shuu Crap
Si'iha Armpit
Si'ihan Armpits
Siasta Scimitar
Sieva Suppose
Sievazhau Estimate
Siffat Stinking
Sifsihlan Nasty
Siginpalin Genasi
Sii'a Current
Sii'ahne Currently
Siktim Whenever
Sikul Defense (to)
Sikulen Defenses
Sil'iloscol Purple
Sil'iluuthcol Violet
Sil'inttl Noble
Sila Bring (to)
Sila've Brought
Silara Brings
Silasisann Undreamed
Silinraittl Hunters
Silinrulttl Hunter
Siltoz Survivor
Siltozen Survivors
Siltrin Flesh
Sin Inch
Sinsrell Long
Sinsrell Tall
Sirn Mirror (to)
Sirnenj Mirroring
Sirnet Mirrored
Sirnnh Mirrors
Sishaatim Month
Sithe' Lots
Sithyrr Crossbow
Sithyrrspw Drow hand crossbow
Siyo Yes
Sjaad'ur Excuse
Sjaal Shroud
Skal'as Lacks
Skerosrac Undead
Skerosenrac Undeads
Skiki cos Rot (to)
Skikudis Steel (to)
Skraghariggspw Unicorn
Skreethar Dance (to)
Skrel Put (to)
Slaggissttl Slayers
Slanosrac Creatures
Slud'ou Chained
Sluda Chain
Sluden Chains
Slyan Star
Slyan'ssun Starlight
Slyannen Stars
Sn'dar'adii Bloodwrath
Soen Etcetera
Softe Beer
Soh'rad Respond (to)
Sokoya Pretty
Sol Eye
Sol-lilelm Earth
Sol-lilelm Element Earth
Sorcereins Academy of wizardry
Sorcereins Wizardry (academy of)
Sorris Tremble
Spill Poure
Spo'taa Hill
Sreen Danger
Sreen'aur Safe
Sreen'aur Safety
Sreenal Consequences
Sreenath Dangerous
Srekl Vault
Srekls Vaults
Srif Eyelash
Srifey Eyelashes
Sril've Shimmering
Srowttl Scum
Ssa Serpent
Ssassirigg Longbow
Sseren Hot
Ssiggrin Thought
Ssiggrins Thoughts
Ssil'ernuhn Sarcastic
Ssin Beauty
Ssin'urn Attractive
Ssin'urn Beautiful
Ssin'urn Handsome
Ssin'urn Sexy
Ssin'urne Beautifully
Ssin'urninness Seducer
Ssinaeth Addiction
Ssindossa Whore
Ssinjin Sweet
Ssins d'aerthttl Professional entertainer
Ssins d'aerthttl Prostitute
Ssinss Allure (to)
Ssinss Charm (to)
Ssinss Seduction
Ssinss'rhul Nude
Ssinssrickl Giggle (to)
Ssinssrickla Giggles
Ssinssrigg Greed (to)
Ssinssrigg Longing
Ssinssrigg Love (to)
Ssinssrigg Lust (to)
Ssinssrigg Passion (to)
Ssinssriggin Greeding
Ssinssriggin Loving
Ssinssriggin Lusting
Ssinssrigin Loves
Ssinssrin Desire (to)
Ssinssrin Want (to)
Ssinssrine Desires
Ssinssrinil Desired
Ssinssrinil Wanted
Ssinsuurul Music
Ssinsuurul Musical
Ssintchal Pastry
Ssish Smelt
Ssissill Violent
Ssissilluk Violence
Ssivah Voice
Sslazt Sleek
Sslig'ne Defend (to)
Sslig'ne Protect (to)
Sslith Worst
Sslu Collar
Ssluilling Collarbone
Ssol Echo (to)
Ssol'riss Echoed
Ssolsse Echoes
Ssolssohl Echoing
Ssoukspw Predator
Ssoukispw Predators
Ssran Worth
Ssrethalas Streets
Ssrig'luin Need
Ssrigg'tul Pleasure
Ssriggah Passionate
Sssiks Sun
Sssiksvig Sunworm
Ssuil Incite (to)
Ssuile Incites
Ssuilin Inciting
Ssuilus Incited
Ssunssrir Lightning
Ssuorr Delicious
Ssussun Bright
Ssussun Brightness
Ssussun Light
Ssussun'eb Lightless
Ssussun'yukincol Yellow
Ssussun-hrust Beam (magical, energy)
Ssussun-hrust Energy beam
Ssussun-hrust Laser
Ssussun-hrust Magical beam
Ssussunel Lightly
Ssussunicol White
Ssussunur Brighter
Ssussunurl Brightest
Ssuth Escape
Ssuu'hha Breath
Ssuu'hhan Breaths
Ssuu'hhane Breathily
Ssuul Breath (to)
Ssuule Breathes
Ssuulin Breathing
Ssuulus Breathed
Stadilir Inflict
Stallon Sigh
Stath Few
Statha Story
Ste'kolttl Toy
Ste'kolenttl Toys
Stolinth Concept
Stolinth Fantasy
Stolinth Thought
Stolir Resistance
Stranar Filaments
Stranar Lines
Stranar Ropes
Stranar Strands
Stranis Filament
Stranis Line
Stranis Rope
Stranis Strand
Stre Afraid
Stre Fear (to)
Streea Death
Streea Death (in Lloth's name)
Streea Death in the service of Lloth
Streea Death in the service of a community
Streea Death in the service of a house
Streea Suicide
Streeadus Suicidal
Streeaka Fearless
Streeaka Reckless
Streeakaen Fearlessness
Streeakaen Recklessness
Streeatul Arena
Streeatulgh Arenas
Stressin Ran
Stu'eriod Lamer
Sturir Based
Stylad Pulse
Su'aco Wind
Sui'aerl Arcane
Suingmc Silly
Sul'haraispw Moment of ultimate pleasure
Suldaim Shame
Suliss Grace
Suliss'itha Gracious
Suliss'urn Graceful
Sultha Enter (to)
Sundu Sing (to)
Sundue Sings
Sunduin Singing
Sunduiri Singer
Sunduirien Singers
Sundus Sung
Sune Warm
Sune'le Warming
Surirac Birds
Surittim Day
Sururac Bird
Sussu'ritim Sunrise
Sut Release (to)
Sut'rinos Commander
Sute Releases
Sutin Releasing
Sutus Released
Suul Side (to)
Suul'et'jabar Pompous
Suulen Siding
Suur Palm (to)
Suuril Palms
Suust Quiet
Suustur Quieter
Suut Knot (to)
Suut'oth Knotted
Suutsus Knotting
Suuz'chok Tradition
Suvok Listener
Suvokai Listeners
Suxxizz Helping
Svirfneblirac Deep gnome
Svirfneblinrac Deep gnomes
Swariy Swear
Sweer Excellent
Swift Heales
Synttl Emissary
Szeous Secret
Szeoussen Secrets
Szi'tangitim Tenday week
Szith 10
Szith Ten
Szithael 18
Szithael Eighteen
Szithaelar 18th
Szithaelar Eighteenth
Szithal 19
Szithal Nineteen
Szithalar 19th
Szithalar Nineteenth
Szithar 10th
Szithar Tenth
Szithdra 12
Szithdra Twelve
Szithdrar 12th
Szithdrar Twelfth
Szithdrasv Decade
Szithla 13
Szithla Thirteen
Szithlar 13th
Szithlar Thirteenth
Szithlyn 17
Szithlyn Seventeen
Szithlynar 17th
Szithlynar Seventeenth
Szithraun 16
Szithraun Sixteen
Szithraunar 16th
Szithraunar Sixteenth
Szithrel 1000
Szithrel Thousand
Szithrelar 1000th
Szithrelar Thousandth
Szithuel 15
Szithuel Fifteen
Szithuelar 15th
Szithuelar Fifteenth
Szithuen 14
Szithuen Fourteen
Szithuenar 14th
Szithuenar Fourteenth
Szithus 11
Szithus Eleven
Szithusar 11th
Szithusar Eleventh
Szuk Tread
T'aw Symbol
T'awen Symbols
T'larryo Broken
T'puulicol White
T'puulispw Silver
T'rilamsha Ownship
T'sek Instead
T'yin Then
T'zaraw Deal
T'zarreth Ass
Ta'ecelle Sunlight
Ta-tagu Box
Taeborss Beating
Tag'olhir Pen
Tag'olhir Pencil
Taga Than
Tagis For
Taglit Web
Tagnik'zunrac Dragons
Tagnik'zurrac Dragon
Tagnik'zur'zurdottl Draconian
Tagu Which
Tagun Whichever
Tah Hunt (to)
Tah'entil Hunting
Tahcaluss Hunger
Tahh Chase
Tahlmorra Destiny
Tahlmorra Fate
Tahlmorra Kismet
Tahta Scared
Tai'luen Spare
Tajo Vision
Takar Dry
Takata Begone
Taknea Thank you
Takrin Desert
Takrome Shot
Takzl Over
Tal'skala Ignore
Tal-halra Parley
Tal-talinth Thinking
Talacol Pink
Talar Bonded
Talhalrustarn Diplomatic
Talhalrustir Diplomat
Talhalrustirttl Ambassador
Talhalrusturus Diplomacy
Talinth Consider (to)
Talinth Contemplate
Talinth Think (to)
Talinth To consider
Talintha Thinking
Talinthe Thinks
Talinthin Considering
Talinthus Considered
Talos Rumour
Talthalra Council
Talthalra Meeting
Talthalra Parley
Talwien Feet
Talyattl Huntress
Tangitim Day
Tangintim Days
Tangis' Even
Tangistotim Evening
Tanook Quit
Tanth Worm
Tap'as Pasta
Tar'annen Company
Tara'handu Smile (to)
Tara'handuir Smiling
Tarath Swirling
Tarath Swirling
Tarthe Away
Tau Thee
Tau-perin Then
Taudl Sorry(very seldom used)
Taumpar Interrupt (to)
Taumpe Interrupts
Taumphinn Interruption
Taumpin Interrupting
Taumpus Interrupted
Taur Forest
Taurea Forested
Tauren Forests
Taurina Wooden
Tayaere Remorse
Tchaka Chocolate
Tchal Bread
Tchallen Breads
Te-smur Prosper
Tebaunttl Bladedancer
Teha Precise
Tehane Precisely
Tehanth Precision
Tejmook'cinkjuu Feeling
Tekartas Society
Teknil Greed
Tel qu'essirrac People
Tela Tip
Teladinea Drunken
Telan Tips
Telanth Say (to)
Telanth Speak (to)
Telanth Talk (to)
Telanthaad Speaking
Telanthus Said
Telassin Persuade (to)
Telassine Persuades
Telassinin Persuading
Telassinus Persuaded
Telloprt'kitherin Albino
Telmand Infinity
Tenu Alright
Terantim Ever
Terini'nestg Interesting
Tessai Blossom
Tesso Tell (to)
Tessoe Tells
Tet Lovely
Tezir Practice
Th'auix Bounce (to)
Tha Met
Tha'tsit Possible
Thac'zil Land
Thac'zilen Lands
Thain Untrustworthy
Thal 9
Thal Nine
Thalack Battle (to)
Thalack Combat (to)
Thalackspw Fighting (open -)
Thalackspw Melee fighting
Thalackspw Open fighting
Thalackspw War
Thalack'vel Ambush (to)
Thalack'velspw Sneak attack
Thalackz'hind Attack (from afar) (to)
Thalackz'hind Attack from afar (to)
Thalackz'hind Raid (to)
Thalackz'hindel Attacked
Thalackz'ondus Raided
Thalar 9th
Thalar Ninth
Thalera Contest
Thalra Encounter (to)
Thalra Meet (to)
Thalszith 90
Thalszith Ninety
Thalszithar 90th
Thalszithar Ninetieth
Thaylie Beautiful island
Theralspw Copper
Thiirrac Elf
Thir'ku Change (to)
Thrityh Attack
Thryar Cause (to)
Thryar To cause
Thryarus Caused
Thrye Causes
Thugrin Usually
Thuulstrea Anticipation of impending death
Thyrais Empath
Ti'bux Servent
Tialej Drinking
Ticondo Tired
Tigar'zimut Domination
Tighrabalt Mourning
Tiimar'l Simitars
Timpe Drizzle
Tinnelspw War
Tinnerai Conflict
Tinnerilttl Soldier
Tinneril-dal-ultrinettl Avenger
Tinneril-dal-ultrinettl Paladin
Tinnerillar Troops
Tir Off
Tirloc Stalagmite
Tithaur Candle
Tithauren Candles
Tiu Fly (to)
Tiu'xa Flight
Tiuin'iona Dust
Tix Actual
Tizzinrac Lizard
Tk'parhn Broadsword
Tlakh Applause
Tlakheese Applauding
Tlakhev Applauded
Tlakhir Applaud (to)
Tlakhis Applauds
Tlu Be (to)
Tlu To be
Tlu'og Lend
Tluin Being
Tlun Am
Tlunn Been
Tlusher Begun
Tnoah Doesn't
To'ryllcol Green
To'ryllspw Emerald
To'zoe Toad
Toha Same
Tois Died
Tol'galen Emerald Isle
Tomanita'sorne Hellfire
Tona' Dirt
Tonaik Dirty
Tonashss Rock
Toofar Reside (to)
Toofare Resides
Toofarin Residing
Toofarus Resided
Toofin Resident
Toofinen Residents
Tortha Control
Torthae Controls
Torthain Controlling
Torthan Controller
Torthus Controlled
Tosdki Other
Toun Impress (to)
Tounle Impressive
Tr'inno Sucker
Tra Abbreviate
Traghirlcol Red
Trala Tiny
Tralamurrpau Kitten
Transilit Translate
Trantz Real
Treem Fearing
Treemma Fear (to)
Treemmafol Fearsome
Treemmai Fears
Treemmou Feared
Treiw Pale
Treiw'waessuth Pale-skinned
Trek'si Money
Trelao Divine
Trenir Last
Tresk'ri World
Trez'indir North-west
Trez'ntdir North-east
Trezendir North
Tril Bite (to)
Tril'vol Images
Trilaren Bitten
Trinn'tele Alcohol
Trinn'tele Booze
Trisilttl Agent
Trisila Informants
Triss Along
Trobini Displeasure
Trok'hr Due
Tropalkia Steak
Truti Legend
Truti Myth
Tsak Tainted
Tsoss Kiss (to)
Tsossen Kisses
Tsossin Kissing
Tsyddus Thinner
Tsyde Thin
Tu' Both(shortened)
Tu'fyr Between
Tu'halla-deittl Lord to leige man
Tu'jol Beyond
Tu'rilthiinrac Half-elves
Tu'rilthiirrac Half-elf
Tu'suul Beside
Tuain't Poisoned
Tualcss Cutlass
Tud Flew
Tuin Spun
Tul'gen Lumber
Tullus Hall
Tullusas Halls
Tulshar Empire
Tundrottl Deathstalker
Tupora Living
Turi'ko Threat (to)
Turi'konda Threatened
Turrnattl Leader
Turu'mi Justify
Tuth Both(often shortened to tu')
Tuvok Listening
Tyav Taste
Tyin Leg
Tyln Spinning
Tyn Spin (to)
Tyne Spinner
Tynil Spinners
Tyrnae Quench
Tyuilf Taunt
Tz'orm Sign
U'fran Moldy
U'ilk Virgin
U'lar Impossible
U'nef Fortune
U'thet Recognize
Uadr Fail (to)
Uadres Failing
Uadrin Fallen
Uadrst False
Uadrst Unselly
Uadrul Falter
Uadrus Fall (to)
Ualstin Approve (to)
Uchado Here
Ud'phuul We're
Udos We(1)
Udossa Us(3)
Udosst Ours(2)
Udossta Our(4)
Udosstan Ourselves(s)
Ufant Destitute
Ufant Poor
Ughasha Intrigue
Ughashag Intriguing
Ugul Low (to)
Ugulove Lowers
Ugulovin Lowering
Ugulovus Lowered
Uhew Pot
Uih Muscle
Uil Am
Uil'mrizspw Trophy
Ujoolspw Glass
Uk He(1)
Uk uriu He's (he has)
Uk zhah He's (he is)
Ukt His(2)
Ukta Him(3)
Ukta His(4)
Uktan Himself(s)
Ul'din Raymus
Ul'hyal Inspiration
Ul'hyrr Idea